Cheat Time: TouchBack Hair Color

My hair is growing faster than fast. Which is wonderful.

What isn't so wonderful is that my fresh color only lasts for about a week or two before roots are obviously popping up to say hello. Since that doesn't work for me, I have been looking around for ways to prolong coloring my hair, let alone preventing damage caused by constant coloring.

TouchBack is a pretty basic concept. It's a thick pen with a felt applicator. You literally use it like a marker to color in your roots. I used the medium brown to color my hair, butt 8 shades are available. It takes less than a minute to fill in my three-week growth and it blends very naturally. Since it isn't a wax or powder, it applies really easily and you are in total control of where it goes.

(This stuff dries fast! The left side is totally dry by the time the right side is applied, all in less than a minute!)

I didn't sweat in an unusual way or get caught in an unexpected downpour while wearing this, but I also didn't have any issues with color transfer. I didn't notice any flaking. I did notice that by the end of the day, the color began to wear off. If I was going out at night, I would consider touching up my roots, but honestly, I usually didn't bother. The color looked so realistic, I wasn't worried people would catch on to my hair color cheating.

You do need to be careful not to apply the color directly to your scalp, or you will look a little fake. TouchBack comes with a comb that you use like a shield between your hair and your scalp when using the pen at your temple.

It takes a second to get the hang of it, but once you do, your application is perfect. It's available online or in Ulta.

I am totally digging this for its ease and natural look. My only question is, does the red really look believable? I just colored my hair and am definitely curious! Let me know what you think of it if when you check it out.

How do you extend the time between salon visits? Please tell me!

Product was provided for the purposes of review.

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  1. That looks really easy & very natural!!! Hmmm drawing on your hair- I like it!


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