Bare Escentuals New Brightening Primer

Bare Escentuals recently launched two new Brightening Primers for the face and the eyes. As of now, it is only available on QVC in the Rethink Beauty Collection, but I would imagine you will soon be able to buy both primers as stand alone products.

The Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer is a buttercup yellow primer that has a slight brightening effect when applied. According to the presentation on the Q, it works on all skin tones. It is very smooth feeling (thanks to the silicone), but doesn't quite have the same slip the original primer has. The Brightening Primer reflects light slightly differently than the original primer as well and is a thinner product overall. The original Prime Time was like a gel. The new Brightening Primer is more like a thin lotion.

(Brightening Primer is shown on top. Original Prime Time is shown below.)

If you don't need any coverage, you can wear this alone as a great way to smooth out your face and brighten your complexion slightly. I was initially a little worried about the buttercup yellow tint of the product. I have enough yellow in my skin as it is - I don't really need any more. However, this blends in nicely and isn't pigmented enough to cause any color issues. The Brightening Effect is very, very natural, minimal without a fake radiant shine like others. To my knowledge, this product does not contain ingredients like Bearberry that actually brighten your skin. The slight brightening effect is only cosmetic.

(Brightening Primer on top, Original Prime Time below. My skin in two different types of light.)

The Brightening Primer still allows for your foundation to go on perfectly, evenly and smoothly.

(Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer on top and Prime Time Foundation Primer on bottom)

Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer is a totally different kind of primer from their original Prime Time Eyelid Primer. This primer is more like a cream eyeshadow base in a neutral golden shimmer. It definitely keeps your eyeshadow in place for a full day, just like the original. It can also be worn as an eyeshadow on its own. I am a tough judge of cream-based shadows, and very few pass muster with me. I can tell you that when I wore this alone, I didn't get any creasing or fading. Based on my experience with the new Brightening Eyelid Primer, when Bare Escentuals moves into the cream eyeshadow category, it will be something to get excited about! Check back later today for a sneak peek at the new cream shadow colors just announced for August!

One fun benefit of this particular shadow primer is that it enhances the shadow color, making it more vibrant, while keeping the same basic color finish, just slightly more satin. Some primers turn shadows matte, and some primers auto-foil. This primer just makes the colors more vibrant.

Shown above are Lucky, Midnight Sky and Wildflower. On the top, it is just the shadow. On the bottom, they are applied over the primer. The colors over this primer definitely come alive.

Which is your favorite primer? Have you picked this up yet? Tell me in the comments!

I bought this on the Q. BE is not tested on animals.

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  1. I love bare minerals primers they are sooooooooooooooo good!

  2. I used their eyelid primer before, the non-brightening one. It was okay to me. I didn't like how my eyeshadow applied after using it. It didn't blend well.

  3. I really like their primers - but I think it depends on the look you are doing. If you are smudging a lot, the primer does set the eyeshadow very fast. However, on days when I want a more precise application or really want it to stay put for HOURS, I dig this.

  4. Great review~ I have the face primer and like how it smooths the surface of my face and provides subtle radiance =)


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