Wanderlove Three-In-One Lip and Eye Wands

Sometimes cool things happen to me, as a result of writing this blog. Usually, I am *forced* into spending too much money on makeup for the sake of research and not getting enough sleep because I feel compelled to keep rewriting what I am working on. But last week, a totally unexpected, delightful box of goods arrived on my porch.

The creative director of Hatch Beauty, the agency that helps create, innovate and design new products for most of the big brands you already love, created a lip and eye solution called Wanderlove. He realized that the one product missing from the market was an amazing product under $20. (Have you ever tried to spend less than $20 at Sephora and get something good? It's hard. Not impossible, but hard.) So what is his brainchild?

It's a new Eye and Lip Wand from Wanderlove. Each item retails for $16.99 and comes with three pieces. Check them out!

(The Lip Wand in all four colors.)(The Eye Wand in all four colors.)

(The liquid eye shadow, applicator, cream highlighter and eyeliner.)

(The Lip Gloss, applicator, lip stick and lip liner.)

Here is how it works. The wand itself is about 7 or 8 inches long. The gloss and the applicator go together and connect to the lip stick, which connects to the lip liner on the end. While it is on the long side, it would easily fit in a clutch and is less clunky than three pieces.

(Here are the glosses, lip sticks and liners swatched.
From left to right: Rose, Berry, Pink, Apricot)

These are the four lip colors. They can be made lighter or darker, depending on what combination you concoct with the liner, lip stick and gloss.

The pink and the purple options are a little on the bright side for me, but are right on trend for this summer. Personally, I can't leave the house without the apricot color. But based on my peach blush collection/obsession, you probably already knew that.

(Here are the liners, highlighters and cream shadows swatched.
From left to right: Smoke, Bronze, Champagne, Moss)

These are the liquid shadows, highlighters and liners. The highlighter and liner are the same color in each wand. The highlight color is a neutral/warm tone and looks really nice with each of the colors. The Smoke and the Moss color can be layered to be a deeper, more saturated color or applied with a light hand for a sheer wash of color. The Bronze color, on me, is a perfect smokey brown that automatically gives you a gorgeous dramatic eye in three easy steps. On my fair skin, it is a darker brown and not a bright, golden brown that I associate with bronze.

While I am loving these wands, I do wish the Eye Wands each came with a different color liner. I also wish the liner was a little hardier or dried down to be a little less movable. Don't get me wrong, it gets the job done, but I wish it dried down a little more.

The bronze is my stand out favorite and is my new quick go to for a fabulous dramatic eye. The best part about these shadows is that once they are on, they don't move, crease or fade.

Wanderlove Eye and Lip Wands retail for $16.99 and are on the shelves right now at Duane Reade stores. Keep your eyes peeled at other stores as well. I predict these will be popping up everywhere!

These products were sent to me for the purposes of review.

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