You'll Thank Me In 10 Years: Beautisol Sunless Tanning

Last summer, I tried out several self-tanners and wrote about a few that worked. A bunch didn't do such a great job on me. Here's a recap (with a new twist!):

It turns out I have an odd skin thing that prevents some self-tanners from actually working on my skin. Weird. If only my skin had some other super power, like banishing dryness or glowing non-stop, I would be really proud. Instead I am just a little embarrassed when I have to tell some really nice company that their awesome self-tanner was laughed at by my pasty legs.

One company to reach out to me was Beautisol (formerly Antidote Skin). They take tanning very seriously. The owner of the company, Sinead Norenius, even contacted me directly to help me figure out why other tanners weren't working or why they were streaking long before she told me about her own line. The cool thing about Sinead? She never spoke ill about any of the other companies whose products I tested and liked (or didn't and never really wrote about). She just loves to tan, in the safest way possible.

That is why she created the Beautisol line. This line is free of self-tanners that smell, that contain parabens and that ruin your manicure. Their self-tanning kits make tanning easy. Even for klutzes like me.

Here is what you get in a Beautisol Sunless All Seasons Glow Self Tanning Kit:

Rubber Gloves (so key and genius)
Go Slough Yourself Scrub (use with caution, this is serious stuff)
All Season Glow Self Tanning Lotion (one to two applications is all it takes)

Sinead recommends using the Go Slough Yourself Scrub before tanning. I have to say I adore this scrub. That said, if you are a delicate little flower, GO EASY with this stuff. It is a serious scrub and the white, nicely scented lotion is deceiving. There are teeny little scrubbers in here that will work wonders.

Afterwards, I decided to forgo any lotion and started to tan. The lotion is somewhat pigmented so you can see what you are doing. It doesn't have to look perfect - as long as you are covered, you will be good to go. Then wait a few minutes and get dressed. Voila! Several hours later, your tan will develop and you will look bronze and gorgeous. And there isn't a hint of nasty self-tanner smell! My tan lasted several days before it needed to be refreshed. If you aren't dark enough the first time, you can use this kit to build a natural looking tan over a few days.

Just because the seasons change doesn't mean you have to lose all of that summer sun look. And with 6 full body applications in one kit, this sunless tanner is budget friendly. If you still aren't sure how to successfully apply sunless tanning lotion, check out the how to videos. It couldn't be easier!

(It's a back applicator - not a weird safety pin. Trust me!)

So wheres the twist? Now through May 31st, with the purchase of any self tanner, add the genius back applicator to your order for free! Just add it to your cart and enter the code GLFREEBA. No more asking your boyfriend or pals to make sure your back is even. Now's the time to get ready for warmer months - don't tan today and have to deal with ruined skin in a few years. Get the best of both worlds with Beautisol!

This product was sent to me for the purposes of review.

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  1. Sounds great, I need something like this! Being pale in Florida makes me look like a tourist!

  2. It is a great self tanner and looked really natural on me. I want to try the back applicator! I can't ever reach my back and Loxy doesn't do a great job (despite trying).

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