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I can't make up my mind about foundations. Last week I raved about TEMPTU and the look it gives me, but I can't stop looking for something even better. It's my downfall. Shiny objects always catch my attention and results in me constantly looking for the next best thing.

The most recent foundation to pique my interest? Cover FX. If you aren't familiar, Cover FX offers a bevy of different foundations to help cover all of your skin care woes. Rosacea? Acne? Scars? Cover FX has you covered. Creator Lee Graff has been working in the field of corrective makeup for years and has perfected the art with Cover FX.

I tested the Natural FX, a water based liquid foundation with an SPF of 15. This foundation provides the most sheer coverage of all of their foundations. Although if you have imperfections to conceal, this foundation will give you enough coverage to ensure you are still looking picture perfect.

I really liked how it looked on my skin. It definitely allowed my own skin to show through, while hiding redness. I hate when foundations cover my skin completely, making me look perfect, but as if I am wearing a mask. So I was really pleased that this offered coverage with room to breathe.

I also opted to use their incredibly popular Camouflage Concealer, which is great for layering to build the right amount of coverage without looking like you are overly made up. I finished up with a little bit of their Setting FX, a translucent powder that locks in color. The Concealer comes in six shades and the foundation itself comes in 20 shades, so one is bound to be a perfect match. And before I even started applying the foundation, I used their Skin Prep Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum. (The primer rocks and is worthy of its own review later.)

(The light in my house is not great. Here are three different views of how the same foundation looks.)

Recently, I have been having a hard time picking the right foundation color because my face has quite a bit more yellow in it than my neck, and making them meet in the middle has been challenging. I am thrilled with these results! This foundation wore nicely all day with no need for touch ups (except a tiny bit of powder after a stressful meeting). I love how creamy and flawless my skin looks - what do you think?

Have you tried Cover FX? Like it? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I used Cover FX before BE came out with Matte. Their coverage in the cream and pressed powder foundations are really really amazing. Unfortunately, the silicone in the cream foundation broke me out and I never found an exact match in the pressed powder.

  2. It would be a sad day for me if I had that reaction to silicone. Seriously, a sad, sad day. I am glad the MATTE works for you! I couldn't wear the other one because of the bismuth!

  3. Oh I second the dread. Actually no I don't, I don't dread it because I just refuse to do it!
     Wet sets are the way to go, chicky.  Braids, twists and buns for beachy waves, big( grey and red) velcro rollers for straighter styles. I'll wash my hair on Sunday afternoon, wear the rollers until bed, take them out, put on a satin cap and go to sleep, no combout. Next morning, depending on how I'm wearing it, I'll either just brush it, or "redirect" with a brush/dryer or flatiron, or add a few more direct spiral curls with an iron.
    It's all about getting proficient at restyling dry hair. Unlearning the urge to start from scratch(wash, product, dry, style, product). Speaking of what helps is giving up product and heavy waxy conditioners.
    A gentle shampoo, the TINIEST BIT OF CONDISH ON ENDS ONLY. That's it No heat damage, no need for heavy coatings, and no need for product buildup.

  4. Thanks, Denise! I do love my short hair!! It was so much fun. And so easy. I do dread blowdrying and am on a quest to avoid it as much as humanly possible. Thanks for the nice comment! It's great to hear support for short hair!

  5. I know this is a super old post but hopefully you see this. I've checked this blog out for at least a year and knew you grew your hair out from super short. I also know you're very happy with it but I must tell you that I think this right here(maybe even shorter esp on the sides and back) along with the darker color is you,girl.
    Know you're not trying to hear it as growing it out is a biyatch but at least consider the darker color again. Makes those baby blues' pop. I can see you with a Halle Berry cut, darker color, some dangly earrings..
    Some people just stand out and glow and rock the short hair and I believe you're one of them...


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