Jan Marini BioGlycolic Facial Wash

I was thrilled when I was asked to review a facial cleanser by Jan Marini. She makes my all time favorite SPF and her lash treatment made my lashes lush, so I was excited to see what else she had to offer.

Jan Marini BioGlycolic Facial Cleanser is a cleansing lotion that Jan recommends for all skin types. I like to think of this cleansing lotion as more of a treatment than a cleanser. It contains glycolic acid, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which is known for it's incredible exfoliating abilities. We all know that putting something on your face and washing it off seconds later will not yield astounding results. However, I have found that since this cleanser is thick, you can leave it on your face for several minutes. I like to use it in conjunction with the Age Intervention Regeneration Facial Mask. This one-two punch really reveals younger-looking skin, leaving you glowing. Think of it as a booster for this amazing facial mask. Or on days when I don't have to wash my hair, I like to put it on while I take a shower. It really stays put and the extra minutes in a steamy shower open pores and give you more visible benefits. But be careful - this cleanser contains glycolic acid, so never use it around your eyes!

Have you tried Jan Marini? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I have been using Jan Marini products for over a year and I love them!
    I use this face wash along with Bioglycolic bioclear lotion and the factor A+.
    After I had my 2nd child I had an onset of adult acne, these products helped me tremendously. I am now thinking of trying the Factor A mask!

  2. I have heard about this product and that the results of the product are good .... there are many happy customers and that speak well for the product.

  3. You should try Lady Soma's Antioxidant Berry Mask. It has glycolics in it. This mask is great for leaving your skin soft, refreshed, and clarified. After I apply (it tingles a bit at first, but just for a few minutes and is totally tolerable, plus you know it's working :-) Then leave it on for a while, and wash it off. Afterwards, my skin feels very soft, refreshed and the tone is nice and even, bright and clear. I even put it on my husband and it has made his dry skin smooth and tone more even. You can see the difference after just one application, but you really notice better results after a few times. Very good product for home facials.


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