Local Love: My Visit to Baltimore's Brow Whisperer

When my coworker said, "Hey, my friend has a blog and a salon, you should get to know her," I quickly googled her and set up an appointment. When I went to her website and saw she was the self-proclaimed Brow Whisperer, I had to hold in my chortle.

Brow Whisperer? I had visions of Jennifer Love Hewitt talking softly to my brows. "Grow. Fill in. It's ok to let go." Or Cesar Milan "cchhh-ing" my brows to get them to grow on the end, where everyone woman in my family has "a weak brow". It's how my mind works. I can't help it.

If I am anything, I'm game to meet someone who calls themselves The Brow Whisperer. I dig it when entrepreneurs are bold enough to make a serious claim. I had been growing out my brows from the last time they were waxed, where they were shaped slightly too thin for my taste. I have a bit of those hairs you only see in the rear view mirror of the car, except when you wear eye shadow and you look like you may have a little bit of carpet above your eye. I can't tweeze all of those little annoying hairs, so I have been using a brow razor in-between waxes to remove them.

Side Note: Don't use a brow razor. You are asking for trouble. I'm not telling you where to get one and you shouldn't use one. You'll poke your eye out.

I e-chatted briefly with Madeleine Homes, Brow Whisperer, before my appointment. I hoped I had enough of my peach fuzz and light colored brows to bring to the waxing table. After studying my sad little pale brows in the mirror, I decided it would work.

Madeleine's salon, La Papillon, is located at 9642 Deereco Road, in Timonium, Maryland. The salon focuses on skin care, relaxation and looking beautiful. Much to my surprise, she carries two of my favorite lines, Kate Somerville and Jan Marini. She also carries a few other lines, as well as some gorgeous makeup and fun accessories.

So were my brows whispered?

(My brows, looking fab afterward.)

Madeleine started out by cleansing the area she was going to wax. Then she trimmed a few stray ends and combed my brows to see what she was working with. Then she waxed under and over my brows, asking if it was ok to do the top. I hate it when people don't wax the top, so I was glad this wasn't falling by the wayside. Next, she tweezed a few rogue hairs and had me sit up. Madeleine combed my brows, looking at them closely. Then she started tweezing again. Ten minutes after we started, we had finished. She then led me to the front of the store, where she offered to fill in my brows so they matched my hair color du jour. She realized one hair was not where it was supposed to be and tweezed me again. Talk about thorough. I loved it. I like when someone stops, breathes and really focuses on what they are doing. My brows looked wonderful when I left the shop and Mr. Lox, who came along for the ride, even commented that they looked really magazine-y, which I think means polished and perfect. This service, which was much longer than what people normally spend when waxing brows, was also nicely priced at $20.

Visit La Papillon online or call 410.252.1400 to make an appointment. Madeleine is also a makeup fiend like me, so be sure to check out her latest favorites here. I am headed back for a signature facial this weekend and can't wait!

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  1. Your brows have definitely been whispered. They are perfect.


  2. Great review of my favorite brow guru. The dearly departed Paper Doll magazine sure were right when they anointed her the Brow Whisperer!


  3. OMG! This is so good to see! I read about "Brow Whisperer" in PaperDoll mag a while back and wanted to try her spa on my next trip home from NYC. I have an appt to do my trial run for makeup for my Baltimore wedding this weekend with her and, to say the least, my brows need help! Perfect insight to -have before i head in.

  4. Thanks Roni! I love how they look. They have a little more lift in the arches (that I am just noticing now) and they look great!

    Jessica- enjoy your wedding makeup trial. They are so much fun and I am sure you will look amazing!


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