Sneak Peek! Milani Infinite Liquid Liners

Here is a fact most of my friends don't know. I have a hobby - besides playing with makeup, teaching kids to read using therapy dogs and watching lots of television. It's a weird hobby, but those who travel with me for work know it to be true.

I love to check out drugstores in different markets. I go to LA and I yearn to go to the Longs on Hollywood. In NYC, I "offer" to go and get my co-worker medicine from Duane Read whenever they sneeze. In Albuquerque, I came up with reason after reason describing why I HAD to go to Walgreens. And in Florida, when my in-laws made me uncomfortable, I turned to the neighborhood Rite Aid to find solace. Different markets carry different products and I feel compelled to find them. It's my thing.

Recently, I stopped into a new(ly remodeled) CVS in the Baltimore area and the makeup merchandiser happened to be working. She pulled me aside and said, "You must get this now. It is seriously amazing and there is only one left in blue." I said, "But I am more of a purple or green girl. That blue is crazy blue." She pulled the last one off of the shelf and put it in my hand. Then she said, "Come back on Wednesday. We should have the purple and the green back in stock by the afternoon. I'm not kidding. You need this."

The next thing I knew, I was applying a shockingly blue eyeliner in the car mirror.

WOW. Why didn't I know about these Liquid Liners by Milani sooner? How could I have missed this? My favorite trend for the summer is electric colored eyeliner and I thought I had found almost everything. How did these get by me? Probably because they are so new, they are not even featured on the Milani website. They claim to last for 24 hours and they come in five amazing colors:

The liners should be in stock at your local CVS, but go quickly, as they are flying off of the shelves! Today I rocked a serious blue eye and my liner looks as fresh now as it did more than 12 hours ago. Plus, the thin applicator makes outlining your eyes a snap and it's waterproof. The best part? They are under $7 each!

Are you brave enough to wear them? Tell me!

Update -This is what the liner looked like on my eye (which sadly is not awesome eye pictured above).

You need this. Check it out!

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  1. First - I love your secret obsession! Second - have you become friends with the makeup merchandiser at that store because of your obsession, or was she a stranger? Third - if that's your eye in the picture, then it's hands down an amazing liner!!!

  2. Strangely everywhere I go, I run into merchandisers and they all see me all of the time and they just start talking to me and putting things in my hands. Although, the merchandiser at a different CVS chats with me for about 30 minutes each time she sees me.

    Yes, that is my eye. In my dreams. It's a publicity photo, but thank you for thinking I have that ability, even if for a second!

  3. Well I, for one, love your eye pic! :) I can't believe how BLUE your iris is! Amazing. :)

  4. I tried to pick these up over the weekend and can't find them anywhere! I need this!

  5. Try your local CVS stores and don't be shy! Ask the person who works in the make-up department. They can give you the low down on when shipments arrive!


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