Fix Cracked & Peeling Nails Before It's Too Late

Cracked and peeling nails plague so many of us from time to time. Maybe it's from too much moisture or maybe it's from a diet lacking the right vitamins. Or maybe you just pulled the short straw for nails. Either way, nails that peel are almost impossible to live with. Since it's one of the first things people notice when you extend your hand to say hello, you'll need to get them in shape, especially if you're looking for a job, working as a server or trying to network. You can think people won't notice your nails over your killer Kylie matte lip, but trust. With so much competition for everything these days, the details matter.

Even if you were born with nails that split and peel, you can still do a few things so you can stop keeping your hands in your pocket or hidden in your crossed arms.

Wear gloves when you're working with anything wet. Dishes, bathtime (I know, it's weird.), gardening, whenever. You've got to protect your nails from excess moisture.

Keep your cuticles pushed back. Every few days, apply a moisturizer or oil to the cuticles and using an orange stick (that's not actually orange in any way--why are they called that?) and gently push back the cuticle. Your nails and your cuticles must be healthy together or you can't win.

Take a vitamin like biotin or Viviscal to help boost nutrients your nails need. I can't tell you how much Viviscal has changed everything for me. A very stressful stretch at my job left me with a tremendous amount of hair loss and nails that were flimsy. Eight months later, my hair is coming back and my nails are growing and stronger.

Use a nail hardener that does more than apply a thick shellac to the nail bed. ProBelle Nail Hardener is the only nail hardener that has ever worked for me, possibly because it forms a protective shield on the nail that stays until you take it off. I can't recommend this strongly enough. I don't know if I would ever use another nail polish to strengthen my nails. I don't suggest using your nails like this, but I've used mine in lieu of a screwdriver with no damage from time to time. It's that good.

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