Last Sweet Splash of Summer: Too Faced Kandee Collection

I spent the week of Labor Day relaxing in the OBX, which was technically my first vacation in over two years. When I wasn't taking Elliott Gould to the beach, reading, dancing like no one was watching in the surf and losing my car keys, I was playing with the newest Too Faced collab featuring everyone's favorite, Kandee Johnson. Since then I've been recovering from vacation. Am I the only one who needs to do that?

Elliott Gould after walking really far to the beach.
Before we dive into the collection, let me start by reminding everyone not to take their car keys to the beach. And especially don't lose your car keys if you have a Mazda or a Range Rover, as no one in the OBX can cut a key for those car models. And for the love of all things that shimmer, don't lose your Mazda key the day before a potential storm evacuation could be announced. Talk about putting a damper on a lovely vacation. Luckily, our pet sitter was able to find our keys and FedEx them overnight. And speaking of pets, we finally got to take our dogs Dirk and Elliott to the beach for the first time. Elliott loved every single second. Dirk missed the cats and gave zeros about the ocean. Both were really happy to come home, though.

So back to the Kandee collection. I Want Kandee features a shadow palette, a highlighter, specialized liquid liner, four matte liquid lips and a brightening powder. All products feature a sweet smell that is far from overpowering, for me.

Let's talk lips first. I Want Kandee includes four melted matte lipsticks in a very light nude (Melted Ice Cream), a deep blush (Fresh Baked,, a bright fuchsia (Tropical Punch) and a bright orange (Sweet and Sour).

Out of these four, only Fresh Baked and Tropical Punch worked well for me and my pale coloring. The Melted Ice Cream shade is a magnificent highlighter under other shades. All of the shades wear perfectly for an incredibly long amount of time. // $21.00

The collection could not be complete without a highlighter to give you Kandee's signature cheery cheek.

Candy Glow gives an icy illumination and does not look pink at all, no matter what the Too Faced swatch on the website claims. // $30.00

Kandee also launched a Blacker Than Black Licorice Liquid Liner that features a small, angled paddle, which is meant to help apply the most perfect winged liner. I couldn't get it quite right and prefer a brush. However, the idea itself seems really smart and perhaps my difficulty was more pilot error than product default? // $18.00

Lock down your look with Kandee's Banana Pudding Powder, which brightens the complexion and gives your look an airbrushed finish that stays for hours. At this moment, nothing can compete with this setting powder for me. However, if you want a more subdued glow, this may be what you are looking for. // $30.00
 Finally, let's get to the I Want Kandee Eyes Shadow Palette. Broken into three looks, you'll get fifteen shadows, including three oversized base colors ranging from a shimmering light nude to a pinkish white to a yellowish white lid color/highlighter.

The shadows are not overly creamy or too powdery, which seem to be a problem for some brands at the moment. I've been wearing the shadows with Shadow Insurance and still am not getting as much out of the shadows with a brush as I do in a swatch. That said, this is a great palette for daily wear. I've been reaching for it consistently since it arrived a little over two weeks ago.

Perhaps in photos, Sugared Strawberry and Sugar Plum give the gleam I want. In real life, the gleam is considerably less but still a soft, pretty look. The matte shades Taupe Berry, Butterscotched and Cream Puff are really pretty mattes that work beautifully as a crease color. My favorite combo uses the middle shadows; I'm surprised how incredibly wearable pink can be! // $45.00

wearing Tropical Punch and the middle shadow palette, plus the luminizer

Which is your favorite? Picking up or passing? I way over packed for the beach in every way and this was the only collection I reached for the entire week. SO MUCH FUN! #IWantKandee

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  1. This collection looks absolutely stunning!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love the eye colors you are sporting in the photo. The lips are a bit bright for me but you have my attention with that "Freshly Baked" shade!


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