Three Products I Would Give You If I Could

Question of the Week: If you could gift everyone 3 of your favorite beauty products, what would you give? I love this kind of question. Since we could be here forever, I'll pick the three things rocking my world, right now.

1. The Kinga Facial Scrubber: This uses ultra-sonic tech to compel sebum and gunk to pop out of your face. You can also use the other setting on the Kinga to force your skincare more deeply into the skin for even faster results. If you have a lot of dental work like me, be sure to puff out your cheeks before using the penetrating setting around your teeth. The price just dropped to around $30, so grab one while you can. My link is through Kinga via Amazon, so it's an original and not a fake.

2. VitaBrid C12 will change the appearance of your skin in less than a month, that's a fact. You add a little bit of this powder to your existing skincare and BOOM. Brighter, more radiant skin is yours really quickly. Combine it with the Kinga penetration setting and you won't believe the transformation.

This photo was take 2 days apart. The color of my hair changes depending on the lighting situation. IRL, the second one is closest to my actual color.

3. Keune Haircare is one hair line I wish I could just pass out like Oprah. You can't go wrong with them, no matter what kind of hair you have. While I can't live without their Blend De-frizz, Blend Gloss Spray or the Blend Prep Spray, I'm head over heels in love with the brand new Care Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler. I have terribly damaged split and wonky blonde hair. After one use, I have hair like Gwyneth 
Paltrow. You can't deny the before and after!  Keune is only available in salons, so find the closest one and teach your damaged hair who is in charge.

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  1. My Kinga is coming tomorrow. I bought a similar ultrasonic device a few years ago for much more $$ and wasn't impressed, so I'm anxious to try this out. What's a reasonable time frame to see results?

    1. The first time you find gunk in your face and it pops out with a satisfying sizzle. If you can squish your nose (or your chin!) and get gunk out, this is ah-mazing. It's also great for exfoliating and for pushing products into the skin.

    2. Ok, so immediately. For some reason these days, I seem to have revived my teenage acne at the age of 62. So, bring on the gunk!

  2. It sounds like great,I would like to try it out.Thanks :)

  3. Good article, your sharing is so nice, love your work!


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