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Want hair that behaves, stays smooth and looks amazing, even in August on the East Coast? Try Living Proof's No Frizz Humidity Shield. Don't be fooled, this is no hair spray, no matter what anyone on the internet says. While it doesn't provide hold, it does magically keep hair from frizzing out, thanks to their signature OFPMA healthy hair molecule. My very blonde, very damaged hair frizzes with the slightest hint of humidity and last weekend was the perfect test. But before we dive into my after, let's talk about how you actually use this spray.

To apply Humidity Shield, simply spray it on your dry hair and smooth the hair, using a brush or your hands. While Living Proof claims this is weightless and will not build up, it definitely deflated my style slightly. That said, being frizz-free is my preference seven days a week.

OMG! Check out how smooth my hair was (without a flat iron!) last weekend in Jersey. This photo was taken after several hours of movie-going, shopping, driving eating and walking outside. The humidity was intense, but my hair stayed smooth!

Grab a small bottle to keep in your purse and the regular size for your vanity. If you deal with frizz, this is really good stuff.  //  $14-22
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