It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakthoughs TSV Breakdown!

Not only are some of my personal favorites included in today's Today Special Value on QVC, but they've launched a new powder! If you loved the Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder to set your makeup, the addition of radiant, illuminating pigments makes this update the perfect addition to your summer beauty stash. Say hello to the Bye Bye Breakthroughs Five Piece Collection!

 The Bye Bye Makeup Balm is the best for removing everything. Waterproof mascara? Gone. Lots of liner? Done. Foundation? Bye bye! Not only does the Makeup Remover get rid of every trace of your day, it also softens the skin and hydrates with that signature It Cosmetics skincare.   If micelles leave your skin covered in makeup, you need to upgrade to a balm like this.

Conceal dark circles and add a touch of brightness with  Illumination Concealer, now available in two new shades, Warm Deep or Medium Tan! This works brilliantly with the CC+ Cream in Illumination.

Bye Bye Lines Serum promises to change your skin in less than two weeks. According to It Cosmetics, this serum will reduce fine lines, even around the eyes!  The before and after pictures in the presentation online is amazing. I'm a Confidence In A Cream devotee, but if that's not enough or you're over 30, adding powerful serum like this is a great idea. If you're under 30, using a serum preventatively is a smart idea, too.

The product that will make you squee with delight is the Bye Bye Pores Pressed Illuminating Powder.  It's everything you love about the traditional Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder with a kiss of shimmer. Pair this powder with a bronzer for a glorious glow or wear it on its own to fake a healthy complexion.

Of course, no It Cosmetics TSV is ever complete without a brush. This collection includes the Heavenly Skin Bye Bye Pores Powder brush. While I don't believe this brush contains skincare, it is incredibly round and fluffy/not fluffy. What am I trying to say? The brush is amazingly round and fluffy, while being compact, making it apply powder with a light touch, while having the ability to blend similarly to a kabuki. I don't know that I have another brush that is shaped quite like a cotton ball with dense bristles.

If you purchased all of this separately, it would be over $200. Now for the question everyone texts me about on TSV days... Do you need it? Initially, I thought this collection was just ok. But the more I play with it, I realize the brush is great, the serum is incredibly active, the concealer is nice (although not my favorite), the powder is amazing and I love the makeup balm. While it's not the flashiest collection, it does include powerful products you'll be glad to have on hand all summer. So yeah, I think you need It. :-)

Grab this collection today ONLY for under $80 from QVC.

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