Lipstick League: Are You A Depotter?

Question of the Week: Are you a depotter, or do you prefer to keep your products in their original packaging?

If you don't know, depotting is when you remove your eye shadows, blushes or other color cosmetics from their packaging so they fit nicely in a palette that you create. I depotted all of my MAC shadows, blushes and lipsticks years ago when my collection got a little out of hand. While handy, I can honestly say I don't reach for them very often. So I saved space, but then I all but never touched those shadows again. And I REALLY never touched the lipsticks again. But I did get to do a massive free lipstick shopping spree when I returned all of those plastic shells to the MAC recycling program! I depotted using my toaster years ago and only broke a few shadows, which can easily be fixed with isopropyl alcohol. Here's a great tutorial if you're bored and want to buy/make some palettes of your own!

Check out what you missed this week in the wonderful world of makeup. There's still time to shop the big box makeup sales, so get your second round list ready!

EauMG - It’s Perfume Playoffs! I’ve put my favorite cherry blossom perfumes into competition to see which one comes out the champion.

fanserviced-b - I’m a big fan of Sunday Riley’s $105-per-ounce Good Genes, but I don’t love the price, so I tested 16 other lactic acids in hopes of finding a dupe.

Gouldylox - This new Wonder Brush and Blush from It Cosmetics seem too good to be true. Can the brush actually deliver? I've tested it and I have thoughts. Let's discuss!

My Beauty Bunny - Urban Decay's brand new Rehab Makeup Prep line is designed to prep your face for makeup AND cleanse it at the end of the day! I'm letting you know if I think the collection is a hit or a miss.

Nouveau Cheap - NYX is coming to Walgreens! Why is this exciting? I break it all down for you here.

Phyrra - I've got everything you need to know about What's New in Cruelty Free Makeup!

Prime Beauty - is reviewing Neutrogena Naturals in celebration of Earth Month. This is green beauty that is affordable and available at the drugstore!

we heart this - Sing it with us: "Bathe like an Egyptian!" Then, check out The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Care Collection. (Hey, that kinda rhymes.)

Beautygeeks - gets into the geeky formulation details of Riversol, a derm-created line for sensitive skin; here’s how to get a 2-week trial kit for just $3 shipping (CAN/USA)!

Blushing Noir - What if I told you a SMART MIRROR exists & it tells you all about your skin woes as well as the best products to use AND what order to use them in? This is not a drill - you NEED the HiMirror Plus Skincare Analysis Mirror in your life ASAP ...and it’s not as expensive as you might think (but I’ll give you a coupon code anyway)!

Clumps of Mascara - I’m late to this but turmeric in skincare is my new favorite thing. And a turmeric scrub? I’m in love! (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

EauMG is Currently Craving: I’m loving Pinrose’s newest makeover. But, what I love even more is the fragrance Sun Saint. I want to smell like I’ve left all my worries and ran away to a tropical island paradise.
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