Trend: Liquid Metal Lips

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Liquid metals (all metals, really) are everywhere for spring. Forget strobing, chrome lips, reflective highlights and eyes that gleam are taking over. Have you seen the new Too Faced Prismatic Highlighters? A little goes a long way; be careful you don't go full robot and blend, blend, blend!

In the meantime, check out these four metallic lippies that are so much easier (and forgiving) to wear, even when you're not quite so baby-faced anymore...

Jay Manuel Beauty Lip Gloss in Desire is the most metallic chrome lip I've seen. With a specialized smooth-paddle applicator, you can get that super-saturated chrome look in a hot minute. //$20.00

Gerard Cosmetics Metal Matte Dream Weaver is a matte, nude chrome that wears really well without being crazy dramatic. The Bettina of the liquid lip makes this one easier for people not posing for selfies on the 'gram. //$20.00

Milani Chromatic Addict in Amour Matte is a rosier, bolder chrome than the others. This lippie goes on like a gloss and dries like a matte. When it fades, it leaves a subtle shine behind that is gorgeous in a girl-next-door kind of way. //$8.00

Is all of this metallic shine too overpowering for you? Buxom Lip Polish in Sugar gives lips crazy shine with a hint of metallic gleam. Think of it as chrome lite. It's super minty and helps keep your breath fresh, too. //$20.00

How are you wearing this trend? Or are you skipping it entirely? Let's discuss in the comments!

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  1. I just found matte lipstick so I'm waaay behind but happy coz it's like a dream come true. But these are really beautiful, I'm going to try two or three. Hmmm... Matte metallic! That'd be awesome! Or weird. But probably awesome. (you look great in these btw)

  2. I am absolutely loving metallic lips. They're so pretty!


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