Not-So-Easy Beautiful Braids

By now, we all know how to fishtail braid, right? Right. (If not, try this!) Assuming you're ready to go beyond a basic braid, I've got your summer hair inspiration right here! The Big Book Of Braiding is a gorgeous look at 55 braided hairstyles and the drool-worthy photography to help you get the look.


This Swedish guide is full of intensely beautiful, complicated, braided styles. But I can't lie to you...the majority of the styles are going to require a little help from another person, so don't grab this thinking you can do it alone.


What are friends for, right?  That friend is probably going to need some real braiding skills and a lot of bobby pins, too. So make sure they come prepared. But you'll never learn if you don't try, right? So grab some bobby pins and aim high!


Full disclosure: I'm not sure I can pull off much more in this book beyond the Peasant Braids, but I'm definitely down to try. I need to either grow my hair or find my clip-ins first, as most of these styles require both. As I'm trying to master the Pinecone Braid, my cat Zayde keeps reaching for my "pinecone". So if you have a cat, you'll probably want to put them away before you try any of these styles. Why are cats like this?


If you've got a season of weddings on the horizon, looking to upgrade your updo or just want braid porn, grab this for instant inspiration. 

The paperback (it's big!) is $19.99 and the Kindle is $12.99.

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