Life Hack For Makeup Lovers Over 30

Maybe I'm the only woman on the planet who can't see when they put on their makeup. My right eye has really, really poor vision, which means the makeup on my left side always gets the shaft. I can't see when I apply makeup, even eyeliner (!!!) and do it all by feel.

Makeup Readers were created for the vision-challenged beauty lovers who can't quite see when they apply their eye makeup. Available in two styles, these reading glasses make applying your eye makeup so much easier.

Available in two styles from, The Carrie and the Magnolia, each retail for $15.95.
The Carrie is available in several colors and features one lens that moves from side to side. You can also have fun, sing Prince at the top of your lungs and pretend your third eye needs a little help. (Not that I did that or anything.)

The Magnolia features two lenses that fold down, instead of one lens that goes back and forth.

If you have a wider face, go for the Carrie, as you'll have easier access to your crease. If you have a more narrow face or hate the idea of one lens, the Magnolia is for you.

These are amazing for anyone who gave up playing with makeup because their eyes weren't as great as they used to be. If you have a prescription above a "reader" level, these may not work for you.

Grab either style from for less than $16.00!

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  1. What a novel idea! - are they distracting? I have a wall-mounted, 10x magnifying mirror; my bifocal contacts interfere with a regular mirror and my eyes are so bad, I can't see without them. The close-up is scary sometimes - seeing dry patchies, crinkles or pores. Love your blog! I've been reading for a while but am braver posting now. Sorry posting as anon, but I haven't figured out the profile thingy yet (not computer savvy, will have to ask my 29 y/o niece, lol).

  2. I found some like these at an online glass store that the moved to side but made it hard to still put on eye makeup. So I went and got a 10x small mag mirror that sticks on my makeup mirror. It has helped a lot. But I thought I was the only one having this problem too. May check out the ones that flip forward. Thanks so much.

    1. the mirror only does so much for me. Although I do love my simple human mirror!

  3. Very informative. Nicest makeup hack i have seen for so long. This is the best hack for people who wear glasses.
    Lifecell Cream :)


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