Ladies, Don't Fall For This Trend

I've been getting really annoyed by the latest round of beauty trends. Last it week it was Sephora's push to encourage women to look hyper-oily with highlighter. While looking greasy via highlighter is just silly, the idea of spending big bucks to shave your face solely because you're a woman is insane.

Tweezerman, makers of awesome little pinchers, just launched an at-home dermaplaning device for $30 with blades that last for up to 3 months. Last year the DermaFlash, an electric straight razor of sorts was introduced for $189. It's lovely. It works really well, although the blades are incredibly expensive. But why do we as women require a fancy device to do something guys do every day? Are our faces that different? It's not just because we're women, right?

We can be bosses, we can run the world and we can grow children in our bellies. But we can't be trusted to use a regular razor on our face, like a man? Why on earth can we not be trusted with a simple razor sold at every drugstore on the planet? Perhaps our lady fingers can't handle the responsibility?

It probably isn't helping things that beauty companies are treating the word dermaplaning like it's that different from the word shaving. It's not.

Dermaplaing officially means: a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 10 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

So yeah. It's shaving. While I've never had dermaplaning done professionally, it's not for a lack of trying. When this first became a thing, I spoke with several estheticians and medical spas and asked them if I should try dermaplaning to help refresh the look of my skin. Every single time, they said, "while you're welcome to try this, you're already shaving your face. You won't see much of a difference and I'm afraid you would be unhappy. It's essentially shaving."

While exfoliation is also a real benefit of shaving, not having peach fuzz is amazing. Your makeup lays beautifully. Your skincare sinks in easily. The light reflects off of the contours of your face differently without peach fuzz. I can see where my skin is literally smoother after shaving. And having a smooth face is glorious.

Why do companies seem to think women need to spend so much money to do something guys do daily? What part of the ritual can we not handle as women? 

While the Tweezerman product will actually last you a year and probably costs similarly to what you would spend in razors, DO you really need a safety razor? Can you not be trusted with regular scissors, either? This kind of hornswoggle makes me crazy.

Don't let them trick you into wasting your money on fancy safety razors you don't need. Shave your face with a regular razor like the boss I know you are. Trust me. Your lady-fingers can handle a regular razor on your face, just like the one you use on your legs. I promise.

Looking for more reasons to shave your face? Do you shave your face already? What do you use? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Ok, I need more information. How do you shave your face? I want to try it but like, what kind of product/shave cream do you use? What tips do you have? Can you write a blog about how you do this? Or if you've already written it, can you link it? Thank you!!!!

  2. I work for a dermatologist that believes woman should shave their faces. I have been shaving about 20 years and love it. I just use a cheap razor and my favorite face cleanser. I use it just for my face and change the blade about once a month.

  3. BRAVO!!!!!

  4. Yes, I shave my face. A friend who had lived in Japan for some time said it was the secret to Japanese smooth complexion. And my friend, 10 years older than me, looked my age. Since I use a mineral foundation, shaving allows the powder to lay so beautifully on my face.


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