How To Plump The Skin With (a really effective!) Hyaluronic Acid

Seeing each little line and wrinkle in selfies certainly starts to smart after a while. I have always wished there was a way to re-plump the skin in a more permanent way, without injectables.

While exfoliation helps my skin look more even and smooth, it still doesn't plump the skin. Do you know what does plump the skin? Hyaluronic Acid, which naturally occurs in the body. Not only does hyaluronic acid hold about double its weight of water, it's also responsible for helping to maintain the skin's youth and vitality. However, as we age and spend time in the sun, our skin stops maintaining the same levels of hyaluronic acid.

A new serum from Jan Marini helps hyaluronic acid penetrate deeply and bind to the skin, so skin looks plump and fresh. The new Hyla3D serum contains skin-plumping, bioidentical hyaluronic acid and can now penetrate the skin more deeply, thanks to four different types of HA, peptides and Coenzyme Q10.

I've been using this both on its own and with a retinoid and my skin is definitely starting to look slightly plumper. Because this serum binds so deeply in the epidermis, skin looks plump when applied and then remains plumped, with continued use. This serum does require shaking before application but is very thin. It's perfect for layering with the rest of your skincare. Remember, always start with the thinnest product first and finish with your thickest cream/SPF.

I've also read that this specific type of hyaluronic acid can help curb the effects related to retinol sensitivity. That isn't something I've personally dealt with, but if you generally can't tolerate retinoids, adding this to your skincare regime may be the solution you've been looking for!

Hyla3D by Jan Marini is available for  $125 online or in fine salons and spas.

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  1. Thanku for this review and Thanku for writing what products to use when? That has always been a big question of mine? I have several samples I use also and I don't know after washing and toning when to use Spot treatment for any pimples and serum and etc. that will help me. Thanks so much.

  2. If you want to be on the safe side and not risk a reaction and/or dryness, look for hyaluronic acid in a blend with other ingredients.


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