Lipstick League: What Makeup Brand Needs An Overhaul?

At least with names like Vixen it's about women owning their sexuality. With Hussy, it's more of an antiquated value judgment shaming women for being sexual. Or am I nuts?

Question of the Week: Is there a beauty brand that you feel is in need of a makeover or overhaul? If so, what would you do to reinvigorate the brand?

SHADE ALERT! What brand do I deem antiquated? Ouch. That said, only one brand pops into my mind instantly. MERLE NORMAN. I started out as a markup artist is in training at a Merle Norman and one lesson was quick. The women who love that brand, really freaking love that brand. Those women got matched for a foundation when they were 19 and never stopped buying the same color. I never saw an exciting formula change and while I'm sure they've updated a bit like other similar brands, the fans remain rabid. Think I'm crazy? Dig through your mom's makeup stash from the 90's and put one of those lipsticks on Ebay. It's car payment city, I kid you not. Something about NOT changing the makeup seems to make those fans go bezerker. Which begs a better question: Maybe there was never anything wrong with their formulations and it's me that doesn't fit? (Lesson: It's always me that doesn't fit.)

What line do you think needs a little overhaul?

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