The Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection Is Everything and You Need It Now

There is nothing not to love about the Sweet Peach collection. For the Lip Gloss (YASS!) to the peachy wonder that is a beautiful crease to the glow of a good cheek, you've got to grab it.

Let's start with the superstar, The Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette. ($49.00) This palette gives you eighteen shades that aren't brown. I was starting to think that may never happen again, but hallelujah, the non-browns are back! (Don't worry, this palette has enough neutrals to keep you covered.)

Peach is one of those universal colors that looks amazing on everyone and when rimmed with the perfect purple, it's just magical. The pigments are everything you'd expect from Too Faced, with no weird fall out, patchy colors or fading. Each shade wears and blends beautifully. The shades my fair skin and blue eyes can't live without? Candied Peach, Just Peachy and Talk Derby to Me.

Candied Peach is the quintessential color you'd expect in this palette. It's that perfect peachy tone that makes a crease look GOOD. Just Peachy is the it color of the moment, popping up everywhere. It's coral with an extra splash of peach and perfect for a simple lid color. It universally wakes up all eye colors and just looks innocent. Talk Derby to Me is deep purple with flecks of iridescent shimmer; it makes for a beautiful liner, especially when used wet.

Let's get cheeky, shall we? The Sweet Peach Glow Palette ($42.00) serves up a highlight, contour and cheek shade where one size truly fits all.

These cheek hues are a little harder than normal powders and I'm not sure why. Maybe to retain the imprinting on the powder? Either way, when you apply with a brush, you'll get a kiss of color that can't overdo it.

Papa Don't Peach ($30.00) is a lovely blush/highlighter that also looks amazing on the eyes. If you don't need more highlighters or contour colors, you'll want to keep this baby--if you can find it. It's already sold out online.

Let's discuss the non-liquid lipstick, non-matte Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss. These glosses are my new obsession. The formula is fantastic. It's a burst of color and peach flavor that never leaves your lips thirsty. These lip glosses feel fresh and light, never goopy, thick or sticky. The pigments are more sheer, which dovetails into the perfect spring color.

To me, the standout shades are Peach Tease for its bright take on peach and Tickle Me Peach, which goes a little watermelon. These work really well as "lip toppers", too. If you want a bright pout, you'll have to use them over a liner or lipstick, as each one is more sheer than pigmented. ($19.00 each)

This is Zayde, hanging out in the studio while taking photos, just in case we needed him.
You can follow his shenanigans here, if you like.

And finally, let's discuss the giant fruit in the room.

I'm talking 'bout the smell of this collection. It's a little much for me. I love sweet things and if you've been a GX reader since I was a redhead, you know how gaga I can go over anything peach. But the scent of the collection is something else. Some have said it's a bit cloying, a bit overpowering. And it is certainly a bit strong. But you can't smell it once it's on your face. Sure, you can taste it in the Lip Oils, but I actually like that. So should the power of the peachy scent stop you from wearing this collection? Nope to the nope!

This collection is available online NOW and hits stores on January 6. What do you think? Or are you holding out for the Peanut Butter Honey collection?

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  1. Will you show us some pics of you wearing it? It'll look so cute on you :) Pleeeease :D

  2. I love too faced not just because of its quality but also for the fact that they don't encourage animal cruelty. A lot of internet blogs say that too faced is completely cruelty free in nature -

    waiting for your thoughts. :)

    1. Hi Archie! So being CF is a tricky status. I believe the brand does it's best to avoid animal testing. The products sold in the US are not tested on animals to my knowledge. If sold in other markets, they may require testing. The truth behind animal testing statuses is really hard to track down, because I don't know where they source their ingredients from, so all we have is their word. For now, I have to believe Jerrod when he says he does not test on animals.


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