Matte Goes Metallic : Gerard Cosmetics New Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick

How gorgeous are these Metal Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics ($20.00)? The finish is as metallic as you can get without going into robot territory. (Speaking of robots, I can't stop listening to Vladimir and Estragon.) These liquid lippies are a beautiful blend of matte and metal that don't feel dry on the lips and wear until they come in contact with oil or cleanser. My favorite color totally surprised me, so don't be shy when picking your favorite metal!

The Metal Mattes are available in six different shades:

Fuzzy Navel - a shiny peach
Double Shot -  a nude, golden bronze
Dream Weaver -a light, rosy gold
Underworld - a deep metallic bronze (my favorite!)
Grape Crush - a bright, metallic purple grape
Cherry Bomb - a bright metallic cherry red

To get the best application, start by dry brushing your lips lightly with a toothbrush. Add a dab of hydrating lip balm, but nothing too oily or greasy. Apply the gloss with the pointed end of the doe foot to the bow of the top lip, then fill in the rest of the top and bottom lip. The metallic finish takes a few moments to set on my lips, so try not to pucker or press your lips together. Try to avoid eating for the next minute or so, too. Once it's dry, I found licking my lips slightly helps make the liquid lipstick set without being sticky or feeling dry. Or you can just apply as you usually do. Nothing about this formula is any more complicated than any other liquid lip. I just love how these colors translate onto the smoothest canvas possible.

Underground surprised me! I didn't think this color would work on my very pale skin, but I love how it's twist on the vampy trend.

This is the kind of purple I want to love, but don't have the courage to rock. Darker-skinned beauties would look amazing in Grape Crush.

Cherry Bomb is everything.

Fuzzy Navel is a beautiful girl next door peach.

Double Shot is a bronze that would slay with a tanned glow.

Dream Weaver is an everyday kind of perfection.

Pick up every one for $20.00 each from Gerard Cosmetics. Which is your favorite?

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  1. I just went to their website - they have a leftover from Christmas set of all six colors in a tin on sale for $69 (I assume they are smaller tubes - but nowhere on the site does it state the size of any of the tubes).

    1. SWEET ACTION!!! If you like the idea of a truly wearable metallic lip, grab them on sale!!!

  2. My order came in yesterday - the tin with all six colors - they are full-size! All six for $69. Also, they have a sale on 3 of the regular matte colors for $35. I'm excited to try one of them today!


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