Lipstick League: How Do You Apply Foundation?

Question of the Week: What tool do you most often use to apply your foundation? Brush, sponge, fingers or…? I prefer to use my fingers to apply the foundation to my skin and then once I have it in place, I like to go over it with a really nice It Cosmetics brush for a perfectly airbrushed finish. If I'm in a rush, then it's all about the fingers!

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Speaking of what we are looking forward to, what are you hoping for 2017? 

I'm looking forward to a year of professional challenges, successes and new friendships. I hope to embrace more of my creative side, stop being so afraid to succeed and getting a handle on my sugar addiction. (There's a story there and it's coming soon!) What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Fingers + brush (if using bb cream, which I prefer for cold weather), or just brush for my mineral foundation in the warm months. I must be the last beauty blogger left in the planet who does not own, and has never used, a Beauty Blender.

    Sponges worry me, because my skin can't see bacteria without kicking up a fuss, and my brushes are just easier to keep clean and hygienic... although I am pretty curious about that bra-insert/makeup applicator thingy that's all over social media.

  2. I have tried fingers, brushes, and sponges. Always wash after one application. I haven't decided what I like best. Still playing I mean deciding. Just saw someone use a Elf brush I have and haven't thought of using its small handles blending brush with a fan shape. Have the RT multi purpose one. Cant remember exact name. I have some short kabuki handles IT set I got after Christmas sale that was a set of four. Use the RT sponge.


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