Cheap and Cheerful Must-Haves: Glamour Dolls Makeup

Somedays makeup should make you feel powerful. Some days it should make you feel beautiful. And some days, it should just be fun. I'm all for fun Mondays, so check out these delightful cheap and cheerful must-haves from Glamour Dolls.

How adorable is this little donut lip gloss? Not only is the outer donut made with more than just cheap plastic, it comes in a mini-baker box! Show me a person who doesn't smile at mini-food and I'll show you someone who takes life too seriously. Best part? This guilt-free donut of gorgeousness will only set you back $3.99 and it's available in four flavors.

Gloss Snob is hands down my current favorite inexpensive lipgloss. For $1.99, you'll get a lip gloss with so much pigment that you won't want to wear a lippie beneath.

Wearing Mood Ring Gloss Snob and Backstage and Snowday Eye Shadows

The gloss is a tiny bit on the thick side (so apply less!). It wears really nicely, hugs the lips and isn't sticky. The downside is that it's only available in three colors. I'm digging Mood Ring, a nudie-purple that is super on-trend.

Kitty Kisses are lightly pigmented balms with an SPF of 10 to protect that pout. It's truly a lip balm that feels fantastic with a very sheer bit of color. With 10 to choose from, you could grab all of them for the same price as one fancy balm at Sephora. $2.99 each.

Wearing Kitty Kisses Meowter Space and Backstage and Snowday eyeshadow

Glamour Dolls isn't just about lipstick, though. Check out my look with two of their signature shadow colors, Backstage and Snowday. These shadows look beautiful, they wear all day with no fallout or creasing. There are only five colors to choose from, but if you need to start somewhere, try these for $3.99 each.

I'm having so much fun playing with Glamour Dolls! No matter if you pick these up for you or your favorite 14-year-old, make sure you buy two sets. You aren't going to want to give it away once you see how beautifully these products perform.

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  1. They have so many cute products!

  2. OMG, that donut lip gloss is sooo adorable.

  3. That's an amazing price point! The colors look beautiful on you!

  4. OMG I'm starving now, just reading this! DONUTS!

  5. I mean, my can tell how awesome the consistency is just from your pictures. It looks fantastic and that color is spectacular on you.

  6. How have I not tried this brand yet?? That donut gloss tho. Adorable. And that shade you're wearing looks perfect on you. :)


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