True Story: How Indoor Skydiving Boosted My Confidence

What a year it's been.

 To help celebrate the positive things that 2016 ushered in, I decided to face one of my big fears (for the second time) and go indoor skydiving, with a little help from @Simply (@simplystylist Twitter) and @Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. The first time I tried to overcome my fear, I went parasailing with my family in Cancun.

The short version goes like this: The guys weren't capable of driving a Big Wheel, let alone a boat. We were out way too far and for someone with motion sickness, hitting the waves sideways for hours is not enjoyable. The "best" part was the realization that when you are attached to a parachute, flying in the clouds behind a motor boat, you can't lean over to, um, relieve your upset stomach. So yeah. My first attempt at not freaking out about heights didn't go so well.

But that was years ago and indoor skydiving is different. There is no nausea, no sense of your stomach dropping when you free fall and it's really hard to get hurt. You only get about one minute of flight time, which is about the same amount of time you would experience in free fall if you had actually jumped out of a plane.

To prep for my excursion, I secured my hair in a low pony tail. You have to wear a helmet and with winds well over 100 mph, I didn't want my strands lashing my cheeks when I fly.

I also used Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant this time, so at least I knew I would be comfortable. It goes on instantly dry, feels almost invisible and provides 48 hours of wetness and odor protection. It also provides skincare benefits with its ¼ moisturizing formula – double win! I figure I'll need something that will protect me from all of those nerves. (I also skipped lunch, just in case I was the first person to get motion sick from indoor skydiving.) They say it's as easy as #ShakeSprayGo, so here's to hoping my pits won't betray me!

How scary can this be? It's not even that tall of a building....

I went with my husband, who would jump out of an actual skydiving plane if he had the chance. I know you just have to show up and learn, but I was still nervous. Like really nervous. We got into our flight suits, watched the tutorials and waited our turns.

Most of my fear drained once I watched nine-year-olds celebrate their friend Cagney's birthday; all of them flew like pros. But still, I was really glad I went for the good antiperspirant just in case.

And just like that, I DID IT. I flew up and down, spun in formation with the help of my instructor and may have just discovered a new hobby. It was so much fun and the "no barfing" rumors were totally true. While I brought clothes to change into after my flight, I didn't feel the need to change. I still felt fresh, clean and comfy with no trace of perspiration anywhere.


If Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant can get me through indoor skydiving, what adventure can it help you conquer next?

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  1. Oh, crikey does that ever look fun! It looked so short though- did you get to go back in a second time? (And thank you for answering the motion sickness question, because, as one who has that problem, I've always wondered!)

  2. Girl! You are amazing. This past year especially, you've done so many brave things, faced scary challenges and have climbed them all conquering fear, health, and everything else. I have a feeling that you are just getting started. Seriously, you are my hero! Might I ever be as brave as you

    1. HA!! You can't be scared when everyone is 7. Seriously. It was so much fun.And you are too kind - this year has totally stunk, but I hope you're right and 2017 is awesome for all of us!! <3

  3. It is short! It's supposed to be the same amount of free fall time you would see if you really jumped out of a plane... I would love to do it again and again and learn tricks. It was so much fun!


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