The Best Eye Shadow Palettes of 2016

This year, I promised to slow my makeup roll and only purchase products that will inspire. While I spent a lot more time returning things than previous years, these palettes earned their place on my vanity and made me happy every time I used them.

While I have more "naked", "basic" and "essential" palettes than I will ever need, Naturally Pretty Essentials from It Cosmetics cuts through the clutter and makes it easy for everyone to look polished and lovely. Grab it now and get a Superhero Mini mascara as a bonus! //  $28.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills wasn't on my radar for much more than Dip Brow pomade before the Modern Renaissance Palette. The pigments are buttery, the shades are slightly left of normal. This is a must for anyone with light eyes. You think you can't wear Love Letter (intense pink), Venetian Red (a medium dark red) or Realgar (a slightly muted orange) until you see how amazing your eyes look. // $42.00

It Cosmetics Superhero palette is beautifully understated with a pop of wow. The Superstar shade (a muted, dusty lavender) is my absolute favorite for a simple two color eye look. The "Eye Foundations" (base colors) are beautiful, especially Magical, the light bronze. Use the liner shades as shadows to punch up your overall look. // $42.00

LORAC unleashed their Mega Pro 3 earlier this fall and my peachy, pomegranate, bronze loving heart hasn't been the same since. Each shadow is pure buttery goodness that gives good glow. Every time I wear this palette, I get compliments galore. The texture of LORAC shadows is everything and this is a brilliant collection. While not officially on shelves, if you see one, grab it. (They are now up to $150 on Amazon!)

I can't get enough of the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Rose Gold palette. While there is one shade that seems dusty to me (Maneater), the textured shadows are gorgeous, especially Angelic (a peachier version of Orgasm). Playing with these shades and textures creates endlessly beautiful looks. // $65.00

My final choice? The Master Palette by Mario from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The pigments are more buttery than any other palette I own, so make sure to use a brush with white tips to avoid picking up too much pigment at first. Some of the colors are similar to the Modern Renaissance palette, but that shouldn't stop you. LOVE it. I keep seeing this on shelves, despite being out of stock online. // $45.00

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  1. i seriously NEED that Huda Beauty palette, all of the shades are so gorgeous


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