Holiday Palette: Stone Cold Babe By Buxom

The Buxom Eyeshadows are one of the most overlooked shadows on shelves; it's creamy in a way that is different from most powder shadows (similar to LORAC). They are pigmented to the hilt and wear flawlessly forever, especially if you use a primer.  Shadows like Diamond Darling and Patent Leather, along with Wild Nights definitely earned the right to be in your collection.

This holiday season, Buxom is serving up some of that serious shimmer and smoke with the Fire and Frost Palette. Containing twelve shades, this mainly shimmering palette serves up a few satin-mattes, too. Each of the shadows are about half the size of a normal Buxom shadow, but they all fit in one palette. (Am I the only one who wishes Buxom had a larger palette that could hold more shadows?)

You'll get the following shades:

The palette can be used again, as each shadow duo pops out of the customizable tray.

I love how these shadows make the eyes beam; for shades like Diamond Darling, it's like replacing your regular shadow with a higher watt shadow. Some other pigments didn't fare so well when they were miniaturized. Mink Magnet and Trendsetter both seemed a little "drier" than the full size shadows, but they still applied nicely, especially if you just want a wash of color and aren't looking for a very pigmented nude color. This palette also comes with a Buxom Mini Mascara, which you can honestly never have enough of.

I love this set for gifting because of the very light and very dark colors. The lighter and darker colors are smooth like butter and blend gorgeously. It's a great choice for friends, your work sister or that cousin who likes to wear makeup but doesn't like the hyper-pigmented shadows.

The bottom line:
This is a great way to try one of the best shadow formulas available today; but it's a bummer the midtones lack a bit of the same buttery feel as the shades on either end.

Grab the Buxom Stone Cold Babe set from Sephora for $42.
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