Can Chocolate Make Your Skin Glow?

I wish I had research that cited chocolate as a way to boost radiance, reduce fine lines and smooth skin. Since it often has the opposite effect on sensitive or blemish-prone skin, it's probably not the best use of your fancy chocolates. Save the gold-foil confectionery for your guests and go for this, instead.

Jan Marini's Holiday Exfoliator is here and it's CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE.

It's not a weak chocolate either. Do you remember the scene from the movie Chocolat, where she makes hot chocolate from melted chocolate and not a powder from a packet? The Marini Holiday Exfoliator in Chocolate Truffle smells like that liquid hot chocolate, minus the cayenne of course. Have you ever treated yourself to a really decadent chocolate bar (or just a nice bag of dark chocolate chips you would use to bake)? That smell that wafts over you when the wrapper is torn? It's like THAT. (My mouth has been watering the entire time I've been writing and smelling this; it's no joke for chocolate lovers.) This exfoliator is a serious chocolate experience. 

Like the annual holiday exfoliator from Jan Marini, this is a powerful scrub that removes dead skin. lessens fine lines with repeated use, smooths the skin and gets you glowing. It's made with cocoa powder, glycolic acid, proteolytic fruit enzymes and combined with a microscopic scrub to will leave you feeling smooth and sated. You're going to want to grab one for yourself and one for your friends. If you buy it as a gift and happen to smell it, you'll need to go gift shopping again, so save yourself a trip and grab two now. Unless you can't handle that much chocolate, that is.

Experience the Chocolate Truffle Holiday Exfoliator from Jan Marini for yourself at these salons or trust me and grab it online before it's 2017. // $88.00

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