I'm Still Struggling With The Late Night Munchies

Hey now, little sisters! How have your last two weeks been? I've heard from a few of you that you've lost serious weight--I'm so proud of you !! Sorry I didn't check in with you last Friday - honestly, the news (and the reaction on Facebook) made me too sad to write about weight stuff. My heart is still broken. I'm sad and I'm mad, but I'm back! (Note: This was written before the attack in France on Thursday. )

This week I wanted to talk about struggling with the late night munchies, again. We've talked about the Mouth Monster before, but he's been really tricky for me over the last week or so. Since all of the positive self talk and "picking the path that leads to your goals talk" can only get you so far on those nights when the Mouth Monster is growling (instead of your actual stomach), here are some tips I'm turning to to take my mind off of things.

1. Exercise instead. I know. It's obnoxious to even suggest, but it's helping me. I love the library of pilates workouts at Pilates By Lisa. I can't tell you how many times I've turned to a short workout while I watch TV to take my mind off of peanut butter. (Yeah, I watch tv and do pilates. It takes a lot to make me stop thinking about peanut butter!)

2. Meal Enders. You've probably seen their ads on Facebook and wondered if they worked. Guess what? They DO!!! (And they are great if you acquire the munchies the old fashioned way, too!) Each Meal Enders lozenge is covered in a sweet candy coating that is delicious. As you savour the "candy", it switches from sweet to a flavor that actually makes your taste buds tingle. You literally forget that you wanted to eat something else, because you aren't actually hungry. It's like a time-out pill for the Mouth Monster. They are available in several flavors - Cinnamon is my favorite!

3. Dive into some blueberries. I've been talking to my nutritional therapist a LOT about my evening eating and she's suggested that when I can't resist the need to feed the monster that I reach for blueberries, a perfect source of antioxidants. They aren't as high in sugar as other fruits, making them a better choice. It's better to walk away, but blueberries are delicious!

4. Get a nutritional therapist. I've mentioned that I'm seeing one before, but our sessions are so helpful I can't stress how awesome the concept of a nutritional therapist actually is. We talk about everything; from why I'm having a weird day to how eating certain foods will set me up for more success late at night to almost tearing up when I realize what the root of my food problem may be related to... You may not have complicated food issues and if you don't, consider yourself incredibly lucky. For those of us that struggle, getting a health counselor you love is awesome. The woman who I am currently seeing does do Skype sessions if you want to check it out and aren't local. Plus she brings me presents each time!

Got any other good ideas to try, other than not keeping whatever food triggers your late night eating in the house? Share with me, please!

Missed any of my other tips? Try this. Or just subscribe and I'll let you know when I've posted next. I'll try to return to some old fashioned motivation next week. In the mean time, have a great week - you've got this! 

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  1. I don't know for sure but u look pretty good to me. Not too over weight. But I hate dieting. I've been up and down all my life because of health issues. Way too small and too big for my height I think. But great ideas and thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I recently lost 100 pounds, but I'm still getting used to living a healthier lifestyle. It will always be difficult at times, but here's to hoping we can avoid the mouth monster! xo

  2. Congrats. That is Awesome. I was hoping I wouldn't offend u in any way or comment. I do not ever want to come across that way. I notice a lot especially utube how mean and hateful ppl r getting sitting behind screens. I could never. Even if I didn't like something. It's just not right. I kinda believe karma and if u can't say anything nice then don't say anything. I try to always leave a nice comment because they get such bad ones very where. Really enjoy ur work and this blog.

    1. THANK YOU!!! No offense whatsoever - the women (and men) that read this blog aren't like other places online...I'm sure I'll ruin it by saying this, but everyone is just helpful and supportive. Thank you for reading, Joyce!

  3. I'm dying to try the Meal Enders!! Can't hurt, right? ALso - feel you on the late night snacking. When I'm tempted, I turn off the lights in the kitchen - to symbolically & literally tell myself, "the kitchen is closed"! I also remind myself that allegedly Oprah doesn't eat after 7pm or something crazy early. If it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for me!

    1. Op was just at the crab place down the street from me earlier this week! (Although they don't have the best crab cakes in MD, as advertised.) I can't abide by hard rules like that...no eating after 7pm. I can guide myself my general principals, but I can't live with hard edges like that for very long. Whatever works is awesome, though! And yes to the meal enders...


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