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Forget Insta-brows. Lighten up your look with a more natural brow this summer!

Why is it everyone I talk to proclaims a strong dislike for Instagram brows, yet that is all I see online? Don't get me wrong. If you love a heavy, squared-off brow, then I will not step in your way. But trust me. As someone who has lived through more fads than I can count, those draggy brows will make as much sense as mall bangs once did. And that day is just around the corner.

While I have certainly been guilty of an overly heavy handed brow from time to time, picking up a new tool or technique is just the trick you need to break the cycle of Insta-brows. The easiest way I've found? Skip the heavy pomades and waxes. Try a super skinny pencil that delivers a very fine line; like real hair. Highlight the shape of your brows with a skintoned, non-shimmering highlighter and hold them in place with a brow gel, instead of a wax.

Get all of that in one kit from Chella and say goodbye to overdrawn and hard looking brows. With four colors to choose from, one is certain to match your coloring. Each kit comes with a European mechanical precision eyebrow color pencil, a Highlighter Pencil, essential Eyebrow Defining Gel and Dual Size Pencil Sharpener.

Check out my before and afters. Keep in mind that I'm showing you my natural look--from no makeup to a more modern brow look. I'm trying really hard to walk away from that outdated Instagram look...

I'm using the Beautifully Blonde kit, but it's also available in Ebony, Auburn and Dark Brown. If you have blonde or light brown hair, go with a lighter instead of a darker shade. You'll thank me when your kids stumble upon those old Insta-brow photos. Trust me.

I'm wearing the Beautiful Blonde Eyebrow Color Kit from Chella.

Buy Chella's Eyebrow Color Kit for $57.00--and it's on sale right now on Chella's website for $37.80 (which is less than other retailers online).

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