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This was day one of introducing the Venta to our home. The cats don't mind it at all!

If you believe that Febreeze commercial where you'll forget you are in a really nasty room by spraying the air with chemicals, then you aren't ready for how a really good air cleaner will change your life.

If you or anyone in your family has problems with pollen or dust, or if pet hair and odors are causing complaints, then a Venta Airwasher will change everything for you and your family. It's a big claim, I know. How is that possible? Airwashing will remove particles from the air you breathe and will regulate the amount of moisture in your home. While it seems simple, this changes everything.

I'll get into the product details below, but let's discuss my own personal story first. My house is home to myself and my husband, along with our three dogs and three cats. It's very cozy and I love it. However, you can also imagine how quickly dog and cat smells can take over a room. Now add really dry air and a huge amount of pollen and dust and you've got a solid picture of the air quality in my home. Here's a list of how our air quality was affecting our daily lives:

The Venta Airwasher can be placed anywhere in a room, as long as it is not blocked. 

  • My husband had seasonal nose bleeds due to dry air. 
  • Our house became so dusty that daily dusting became a must in order to keep things properly dust-free.
  • Both my husband and kitten suffer from nasty allergies, causing constant sinus problems and runny eyes (for the kitty).
  • We depended on a Scentsy air freshener to help keep the doggie smell away. 
  • Static shocks were a constant problem throughout winters.
  • Winter dry skin was horrible, especially for me. 

I had tried other air purifiers, but they all had one major problem that made them useless for our home. Whenever a larger bit of pollen or dust would fall into the purifier, a loud zap similar to an old fashioned bug zapper would sound, terrifying the dogs. No bueno.

Venta airwashing,, hair, makeup, skincare and more
Zayde has no qualms about using the Venta Airwasher as a step. Other purifiers would have terrified him!
I've been using the Venta Airwasher for a little over a month now and the difference is amazing. Most noticeably, the smell of pets is virtually gone from our home. I didn't realize how much better the house smelled until Baltimore was hit by a blizzard and all eight of us were stuck at home for more than four days. There was no doggie smell from the dogs coming inside, slightly wet. There was no smell in the air whatsoever. No wet boots, no cat box, no wet dog. The air was just clean. It was an amazing realization.

My husband has not had one nose bleed since I first plugged in the Venta Airwasher. Not one.

I also noticed that I no longer needed to dust every day. Instead, twice a week does just fine. I admit to not dusting twice a week or ever dusting every day. I should have, but who has time for that? Now, I spend less time dusting and more time doing something fun.

No one has been shocked by static electricity, since the day I plugged in the airwasher.

My skin is far less dry than it was previously. I can only presume if I add an airwasher upstairs, my dry skin will continue to move towards being much less itchy, tight feeling, and much more comfortable.

We no longer need our Scentsy. In fact, the airwasher will remove the scent, so using it in the same room as the airwasher is a bit of a waste.

And finally, my husband has not been complaining about it being "the worst time of year for him", which is code for his allergies acting up. I've managed to bypass serious colds that have affected several of my friends and I have to wonder if that would be different without the airwasher.

Needless to say, life is better with a Venta.

Ernie is blind and terrified by sudden, loud noises. It made using any other purifier impossible. 

Here are some other reasons I'm in love with my airwasher:

  • Despite having hard water, there is no white dust often caused by other humidifiers. 
  • There is no zapping noise when a large bit of dust or pet hair is trapped. There is no noise.
  • The dogs sleep next to the airwasher every day. They aren't afraid of it one bit, while other air purifiers literally left them shaking. 
  • Even when on the highest setting (3), it makes less noise than a small fan. It's undetectable on the first two settings. 
  • It's incredibly easy to use. You fill it each day with cool water, once a month you rinse off the discs, and you add a treatment to the water every two weeks. Once every six months, you add a cleaning treatment. That's it. 

This is it. It's a housing, a fan and these discs. That's all it takes to significantly improve your air quality. 
 There are no filters to replace, difficult parts to move around, and it requires only clean, cool water. It could not be easier to breathe better air. The Venta Airwasher purifies the air by sucking in airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and smoke by passing over the rotating disk stack. The particles adhere to the wet disk stack and are pulled down into the water.

Every day, I just add water as needed. You simply remove the top and pour the water into the base, over the discs. Easy!

It humidifies by the process of cold evaporation.  You will not see any white residue, vapors or mists. The disk stack rotates in the water creating a surface area of over 45 sq. ft. (LW 45). When dry air meets the surface area of the disk stack, the water evaporates and is sent out into the room. By using the cold evaporation process, any excess humidity can be virtually ruled out.

Here are the controls. It's just three buttons. This could not be more simple to use!
If you suffer from allergies, you have pets, or you just want to live in a better environment, a Venta may change everything for you, too.

Our pets love it! This is pet corner in our house and everyone can breathe easier! Even Dirk, who was not into sitting for pictures.
Pick one up from Venta directly or from retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond. Venta Airwashers range from $200-400, pending the size of the room where you plan to use your airwasher. 

Can better air make a difference for you? Tell me what you think!

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