This Did Not Go Well: Eva NYC Skip The Spa Thermal Hair Wrap

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So I'm game for anything that makes my damaged hair better. I'll do whatever to make my ends look healthy and to make my strands shine. But I don't think I'll do this again.

According to the package, in clinical trials of the Eva NYC Skip The Spa Thermal Hair Wrap, users reported an immediate improvement of damaged hair, seven days of shiny, glowing hair (???) and nine days of hydrated hair.

I'm not sure how one defines hair that glows. So let's pretend that isn't a thing they are trying to pull over our eyes and assume they meant another word for shiny. I'm not sure why hair stops being shiny, but continues being hydrated or how that was tested. This nifty wrap boasts 38 active plant oils, amino acids and royal jelly among its most powerful ingredients.  And based on the ingredients, any extract or oil I've heard of recently appears to be in this--which is probably how I ended up in this situation.

The directions are as follows:

Wash hair.
Secure snugly on head, with sticker.
Gently massage hair while in cap.
Leave on for 20 minutes.

Here is my question for you.

Have you ever tried to attach a diaper to your head, while keeping your wet hair underneath, while massaging your own head?

Of course you haven't, because it's a dumb idea. I mean, it could be a good idea, with a better design. But this is not it. Sigh. Here's how it went.

You open the package, removing the flat, folded "D-shaped" hood. You then somehow put your hair between the two halves (it opens like a book) and secure with a diaper tab that is attached. Except there is no place for the diaper tab to attach easily. There is no way to keep this on your head. There is no elastic and the hair falls out constantly. AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE LONG HAIR ANY MORE.

My hair didn't stay underneath the bonnet diaper. My hair might have gotten a little conditioner-stuff on it, but who would know? After 20 minutes of wrestling with the paper diaper on my head, I couldn't tell if my hair was any more conditioned. I could feel no extra plant oils or extracts in my hair. Nothing felt slick or conditioned. Just wet. I rinsed, went on with my business and felt like an idiot for spending $11 on a hair diaper.

Next time this happens, I'll just put the whole thing on Periscope. What a fail.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I'll be avoiding this. I have long hair and this'll not work for me even more.

  2. Although I do agree that it's quite a ghastly and fiddly to put on.. My hair does feel and look noticeable smoother and less frizzy (didn't notice a different in shine).

    My hair is naturally really dull, dry, frizzy and brittle and I've only started experimenting with hair masks. I find that this worked on my hair even though I've only used it twice, however the effect only lasted a few days if that. I do intend on using this a few more times as I imagine 1 or 2 treatments won't do the trick on my hair. Perhaps it didn't work so well for you because your hair isn't as damaged as mine? ;)


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