The Biggest Makeup Mistake You're Still Making

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You've followed the tutorials, purchased more palettes than you can ever wear and have a brush collection that rivals da Vinci. But you still aren't getting those advanced eye looks right. You give up and stop trying. The Biggest Makeup Mistake You're Still Making

 Here's the thing. You can't really do make up wrong. Wear it however you want.  But if you are really having a hard time getting that magazine-perfect look, I do have a few tips that could change everything about how you put on your makeup. And you don't have to buy anything extra to do it. The Biggest Makeup Mistake You're Still Making
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Use less makeup. Think "tap. tap, tap". Not "plop, plop, splat." If you feel like you need three concealers, two contour shades, six shadows, by all means have at it. I wear more than that on an off day. I mean physically use less of each product. Sure, 4K foundations like this one from MUFE   look amazing on the skin. Just try a lighter application. Apply a small dot of foundation to your forehead, nose and chin and then blend outward. If you even need foundation. Concealer alone may cover anything that needs any extra help. The Biggest Makeup Mistake You're Still Making
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Apply your shadows with a light touch. I know the interwebs taught us to pat lid shades into place and to blend our creases with jedi-like brush control. I love it! Keep doing just that, but try using less physical pressure on the brush and use a fluffier, softer brush. You'll be amazed at how much more refined your lids look when you treat eye shadow more delicately. Apply the shadow like you might to a young niece--very lightly. Layer your colors bit by bit and blend, blend blend. A fluffy dome-shaped crease brush is perfect for blending lightly while still applying pigment. The Biggest Makeup Mistake You're Still Making

Slow down on the baking unless it's cookies or you're being photographed--and even then it's debatable. It just makes you look older. Try a Face Perfector like this one from Mally Beauty if you really want to look flawless in front of a camera (and in real life). The Biggest Makeup Mistake You're Still Making
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Try using brows to define your eyes, not overshadow them. There is nothing wrong with wearing super heavy, insta-brow if you like it. If you think you can't get your brows to look quite right, try this trick. Define the lower edge of the brows with a powder, pencil or pomade and brush the product up, into the brows, using a spooli. Fill in spare gaps gently and be sure to comb them. You may need to add a bit of definition around the arch, but go easy. Less can be more.

Are you willing to try a lighter touch? Or would you feel too exposed? (Do we need to talk about that?) Remember, makeup is about making you feel good about you. Anything less than that is a fail.

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