Spa Day Is the New Sick Day

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Some days, you have to play hooky. A day to unwind, recharge your batteries and escape whatever is stressing you out. I'm sure scientists say* that pressing pause on life and stopping to chill is key to lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and some other good stuff. Right? I'm sure they did.

Missing work means missing money, so let's keep these days cheapish, shall we?** Spa Days are often best at home anyway, so treatments can be incorporated into the other very important aspects of Spa Day; Naps and Netflix.

Steps To Create A Perfect At-Home Spa Day:

1. Call out sick. (But don't Bueller it up. No one ever believes that stuff.)
2. Go back to sleep.
3. Wake up and grab the following ingredients:

PastaZero noodles and anything you like to eat with noodles. These noodles are more Asian than Italian, but they'll go either way in a pinch.  At 15 calories and 4 carbs per serving, you can dive into the entire bag and it's still only 30 calories for the pasta (or 1 WW point). Don't forget to grab your beverage of choice, too.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe ($40.00, 20 treatments) are the fastest way to lighten teeth. After thirty minutes, your smile is instantly refreshed.

Nip & Fab's Kale Fix Clay Mask ($19.00, approximately 5 uses) does wonders for dry skin that still needs a good decongesting. If you have oilier skin, try the Mario Badescu Special Mask for Oily Skin ($18.00, approximately 10 uses). This is exactly the mask you want if your skin is excessively oily.

Miss Spa Hydrogel Facial Masks are so luxe you'll swear you're at a spa. And the results always exceed my expectations. My current go to? The Damage Defense Hydrogel Facial Mask; it plumps skin and gives it a glow ($8.49, single use).

Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask contains Purified Bee Venom is supposed to firm skin, lessen wrinkles and enhance radiance. Sounds crazy, right? It's actually won Beauty Insider awards for three years in a row for good reason. After ten minutes, skin is visibly more firm. I would swear my own cheeks were sitting a little higher ($39.00, approximately 10 uses).

4. Pick a really good show to watch while you spa.

 All of these are excellent to binge watch while applying masks and whitening. And if you are feeling extra generous to yourself, upgrade that Hulu account to ad-free. It makes TV more magical, really. Get a pillow, grab a beverage and reusable straw, and pick whichever show suits your mood. If you're looking for:

Funny, Acerbic: Difficult People, Hulu
Funny, Sweet, Real: Master of None, Netflix
Crazy, Outlandish Cartoon written by a 5 year old: Axe Cop, Hulu
Funny, Cute: Mozart In The Jungle, Amazon
You Still Miss Battlestar: The 100, Netflix
Need to Giggle Uncomfortably: Mike Tyson Mysteries, Adult Swim
DRAMABOMB: Luther, Netflix
If Felicity Was Actually A Stalker: My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Hulu
Aw, That Show is Funny and Sweet: The Mindy Project, Hulu

Now you just have to follow the basic directions on the boxes, relax and turn off your phone. Take ten deep, slow breaths and enjoy the afternoon.

I guarantee you'll feel so  much more relaxed after your spa day. If you took these "spa days" more often, you'd probably have to use fewer actual sick days. I'm sure scientists have said that.

*My mother-in-law often used to claim "scientists said" a huge number of things. None of which they ever did. 


** These days are not to be confused with TYS Days, which I do also declare mandatory.

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