Makeup Wars : Best Stocking Stuffers for 2015

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There are a million tiny things you can jam into a stocking. But you shouldn't. I actually love the stocking. Stockings are the best part! You open them first and it's a mixed bag of filler and awesome. Everyone knows the filler has to be things like money (lottery scratchers!), Reese's Holiday trees (no matter how squirrelly they look) or a pair of socks, right?  :-)

But the treasures in the stocking? They should be thoughtful. I'm talking some crazy-curated-perfectly-picked-out parcels of delight.  These are my picks for the best stocking stuffers of the season.

Bare Minerals put together the cutest small gifts this year! Precious Gems contains three lip butters that look fantastic while making your lips incredibly soft. Tiny Treasures includes seven beautiful Moxies that range from nude to glam. These are the perfect size for a tiny bag on NYE!

The palette in The Regal Wardrobe is one of the best this year. The nudes are a blend of shimmer and matte; all delicate and simply stunning. The cheek colors work together to build a sculpted cheek. This is the perfect palette for travel (and really easy mornings).

The Velvet Lips Angel and Kiss Collection from Kiko Milano is a deliciously effective lip scrub and lip balm. Your lips are sweetened and smoothed by a sugar scrub. Then apply the Kiss Balm in a beautiful, sheer naked pink. (Champagne and Strawberries Collection).

If your family is anything like mine, it's fun to surprise them when they aren't expecting it. I love this palette from Makeup Revolution. It's a great palette and you just might make your mom snort her eggnog.

Need more ideas? Click on the tiles below for inspiration!

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