Best At-Home Beauty Tech (Just in time for the holidays!)

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You may not realize just how fast the world of beauty technology is moving. After what seemed like forever, high end beauty treatments are finally available for home use--and they actually work. Instead of spending thousands a year, grab some of the best at-home devices and stretch your spending cash, all while looking and feeling like the best you yet.

If you want to do at-home microdermabrasion, the PMD Pro is the tool you need. The pro version comes with 9 different microderm discs that can be used on the face OR the body. You can opt for the sensitive setting or the regular setting, depending on your skin type. Regular use will help your skincare absorb better, so your skin will look more radiant and fine lines will dissipate. Your pores will begin to look smaller and your makeup will apply more smoothly. For me, this is really helping with a slight "thickening appearance" of the skin around my nose. I'm told this is perimenopausal, a fact I refuse to acknowledge. Check out my review of the original. Then grab the Pro version so you can use it on your body, too. Find it for $199.00 at Sephora, Ulta or other retailers.

I love the Mira-Skin Ultrasound Wand. It works better than the galvanic treatments I've tried in the past and the results are really noticeable. If you are serious about getting the look of softly lifted skin, give the Mira-Skin a try. I use this every third day, follow it up with a sheet mask and feel great about the skin I'm in. Here's my review. Buy it for $349.00. Use code Boost15 to save 15% at checkout!

The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System is brand new to the beauty arena and you'll be glad it's here. This little device stimulates skin by gently lifting and releasing it, pushing your skincare deeper into the skin. It's been shown to improve radiance like crazy. You've got to check out the before and afters to see what this does for fine lines, too. Plus it feels like delicate kisses from a baby (really, that is what it feels like, without the baby slobber). The kit does include its own line of skincare, but it will work with yours too. This launches on December 15th, so get ready to be radiant just in time for the holidays.  Grab it for $199.00.

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