Makeup Wars: Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

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It's Makeup Wars Monday and I'm back! This week, we are all picking our favorite Holiday Gift Sets. The gift sets we would want to receive and think really make a splash. If you've got a beauty lover in your life, grab these. If you want to call it Treat Yourself Monday, these are the products you want. Ready?

For the woman serious about skincare, you want the MiraSkin Ultrasound Starter Kit. I've never been as happy with an at-home skincare tool as I am with this product (review coming later this week!).

I've lost a lot of weight recently and I worry about my skin not bouncing back, which makes me worry about fine lines and sagging. None of this has been an issue and I firmly believe it's because of the Mira Skin Ultrasound. It's not cheap, but it delivers real results. $349.00
I love everything Too Faced is doing this year for the holidays. Not only are the chic chateaus (starting at $39.00) amazing to give to your favorite niece or nephew to play with, the shadows are unbelievable. The pigmentation is insane, as always. There is literally nothing not to love about their holiday gifts.

Need smaller gifts? Break up the Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks collection ($36) and get three gifts, ready to wrap, for one price. It's just too sweet to pass up.
You can't go wrong with brushes, especially if they come in a gorgeous faux leather case. The Your Airbrush Masters 6 Pc Advanced Brush Set from It Cosmetics is the perfect set for anyone who wears makeup. The brushes feel so luxurious and over perform every time. Grab some brush cleaner from IT and you're giving a gift that will remind them of you every day. I've been using mine since last year and love it. I tried to make it look fancy for the photo and I'm missing one of the brushes. Trust. These brushes are so lovely!

Need more ideas? Check out what others in makeup sisters in arms have to say by clicking the tiles below.

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  1. Ohh that Mira Skin thing looks neat! I've lost a lot of weight to and I'm worried about the same thing!

  2. I'd love everything on that list. I can't wait to read your review of the Mira Skin. I'd love to own the TF Chateau and the IT brush set.

  3. I haven't indulged in some Too Faced is SO long! That holiday set is pretty irresistible..


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