GrandeLASH Lash Makeover Challenge

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Lately, my lashes are embarrassing. Short, stubby, thin and almost invisible, you'd never know I even have lashes without a decent mascara. GrandeLASH noticed my sad little lashline and offered to make me over in just four weeks.

That's a quick turnaround for darker lashes that reach greater lengths. I know my lashes have responded really well to other lash enhancing formulas, but four weeks is really fast to see results. New to GrandeLASH? They offer a few options to increase your lashes' visibility over time as well as instantly.

If you've got a month or two, their lash enhancing formula helps improve the overall quality of your lashes. You apply a serum to the base of your upper lashes nightly and in 4+ weeks, you'll start to see real results. According to the company, GrandeLASH-MD is a 5x award winning eyelash conditioner, created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients. GrandeLASH-MD delivers more youthful, healthy and dramatic eyelashes within 4-6 weeks. It is scientifically tested and safe for use around the eyes. It even comes with a 90 day money back guarantee!

Need instant gratification? The GrandeMASCARA helps instantly and over time. This exclusive peptide formula includes special ingredient sympeptide 226EL to promote more obvious and thicker, dramatic lashes. Sympeptide 226EL has been proven to significantly stimulate keratin genes for healthier, shinier lashes. When used together with GrandeLASH-MD eyelash & eyebrow formula, Grande Mascara has proven to maintain its effects of longer, thicker, darker looking lashes. When you use this mascara, be sure to wipe the excess off of the wand. This formula is lovely, but out of the tube, it needs a little finessing.

The key to getting really dramatic lashes lies in the hands of the GrandePrimer. This instantly gives the look of longer and more dramatic lashes, thanks to fibers that coat and extend each individual lash. This Lash Boosting Pre-Mascara Lengthen & Thickener is infused with nutrient rich mini fibers to boost your natural lashes while immediately improving lash appearance. It contains the special ingredient Sympeptide 226EL, a lash conditioner that helps prevent breakage.

So, how are my lashes today, exactly four weeks after I began using the system daily? Well, you can see them and that is an incredible start! Before, my lashes were never visible beyond my eyeliner. Now, they are actually extending beyond my liner!

My lashes are just now starting to improve visibly! I'll update this post with newer photos in the next few weeks. What do you think? Want your own lash makeover? Use code GRANDE10 at checkout and save 10% before the end of 2015. Try it and show me your lash makeover! Post your lash makeover on twitter or instagram using #LongLashes and be sure to follow @GrandeLashMD!

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