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Who doesn't want super shiny hair?  Matte hair is great in photographs. You know, the kind where the model looks bored, while staring at a cow from across a field, wearing a knit hat? Considering I'm never going to be that confused, matte-haired damsel in everyday life, I want my hair to glisten. Is that too much to ask?

Deep Muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment

Hailing from Oz, Muk has developed a conditioning treatment that is too conditioning to be used along with another conditioner. Yup. The directions tell you to just shampoo and treat--don't waste your time or money with a plain conditioner.

At first I assumed they were just being brazen, but nope. It's that good. Add the coordinating shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner and you'll have the softest hair known to man. (After getting a major round of highlights, I'm obsessed with their Argan Oil Shine Spray as well. It's just so healing. My hair loves it.)

Soiree Thermal Protectant ($9.99)

This budget gem leaves hair looking as shiny as polished glass. I've been using one bottle of this forever and I'm not sure anything else can touch it for the shine it delivers instantly.

Nth Degree True Repair Hair Serum ($14.00)

When all else fails, oil, oil, oil! I can't stress the importance of adding a hair oil to your routine. Not only will your hair glisten, but many oils truly improve the condition of your hair without making it greasy.

TRESEMME  Get Sleek Expert Selection Heat Protection Spray ($6.99)

The entire Get Sleek line boosts shine to a 10, but this heat protectant also makes for a fab finishing spray. If you just need a little more shine, this glosses the hair instantly. Just be sure to only use a little. I like applying it to a densely bristled brush and then brushing the top layer of my hair. Super shine!

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