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I've always had really dry skin. I need all of the moisture I can get and, since I have this weird aversion to getting lotion all over my jewelry, I almost always skip it (because it's clearly too much work to take off my rings for five seconds). Once Fall hits, fuhgetabouit. I need the moisture and I need it fast. Lucky for us, there's a new kid in town and you're going to want to be besties.

Meet Vaseline Advanced Repair Unscented Spray Lotion! It contains twice the amount of moisturizers as their typical spray moisturizer. Twice! Each spritz contains micro-droplets of actual Vaseline jelly, but your skin will never feel sticky. The lotion just absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it smooth and soft for hours. In case you were concerned, Vaseline developed a way to only use compressed air--no propellants and no aerosols!

This spray lotion is perfect for those of us with really dry skin or sensitive skin. There are no fragrances to irritate sensitive skin. This formula even contains Avena Sativa Straw Extract (a fancy way to say oats). And I know you know how soothing oats can be for the skin! Plus, the continuous spray works really well, even upside down! I loathe when these things don't work and after a few weeks of using this daily, it's never clogged. Huzzah!

To make the most of this lotion, apply it as soon as you get out of the shower. Your skin will soak it up. Hours later, your skin will still be soft, touchable and very comfortable. Say bye to that tight, itchy, cold weather skin. Each canister will give you thirty days of soft, happy, smooth and soothed skin. Love it!

Grab Vaseline's newest spray lotion, Advanced Repair. Your cold weather skin will love you all year long, I swear. Pick it up anywhere Vaseline is sold for around $6.00.

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