Quick! Name Three Things I Love Right Now

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I can't stop playing Billy Eichner games with everyone, including my pets*, since the show returned last week. Even if it's just on Tru tv.  While the cats are having a hard time naming three cats from the comics (we don't get the Sunday paper), I can easily name...

Three Beauty Products I Love Right Now. Can you?

Mally Beauty Lip Magnifier -  These little lippies are key to getting the fullest, juiciest lips possible. This is what gives you the signature Mally Roncal look. Lip Magnifiers fill in lip lines, add a base color and help your High Shine Liquid Lipstick stay locked and loaded for hours. Just be sure to keep a chubby sharpener in your makeup bag. $20.00

Mythic Oil by L'OREAL Professionnel - This is the oil from which legendary hair hails. Mythic is a blend of avocado and grapeseed oil that somehow magically makes dry hair look glorious, without getting the hair oily. The Milk didn't work for me at all and I almost gave up. However, a stylist in Charleston convinced me to try this and it's just glorious. $20.00

Bioessence Serum - This scienced-up squalane feels amazing on the skin and makes your skin more hydrated and supple than I knew was possible. (It's plant derived, so no sharks were injured!) I honestly don't understand The Embodiment Project just yet, but you can never go wrong being kind to yourself . Get a free sample when you take the Embodiment Quiz! $58.00

QUICK. Name three things you love in the comments. Type! You can't think. Just type whatever comes to your mind first. GO!

*There are better examples of Billy's games on YouTube. But Chris Pratt. Chris. Pratt.

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