RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks

I bought this. 

I'll just start by saying that I love these. When I purchased them, I assumed they contained some of that signature RoC magic. They don't really contain the kind of magic I expected, but they are pretty awesome nonetheless.

The cleansing formula is fairly standard, with a few good cleansers. Throw in a touch of glycerin, a few preservatives and a pH balance-er and you've got a really effective cleanser. But the magic comes completely from the disks themselves.

These disks are thick. I mean THICK. One side has more texture and the other is smooth. You can use the smooth side around your eyes and the more textured side to really exfoliate the t-zone. RoC Scrubbing Disks do amazing work at actually cleaning the skin. My skin feels smooth and soft after I wash. For $10, these beat any other cleansing cloth I've tried. Grab them at CVS/Pharmacy and be sure to use your ExtraRewards card to get ExtraBucks!

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