Pur Minerals Lip Lure Can Survive Anything. Even Charleston.

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Pur Minerals Lip Lure offer the best of a liquid lipstick, powerfully pigmented and that lasts forever. I'm blown away by how comfortable these lippies are to live in. Yeah, I said live in. I've been traveling for weeks and the only lip in my bag were three Pur Minerals Lip Lure: Fancy, Graceful and Mystic.

The applicator tip makes it easy to apply with precision. You don't need to follow up with concealer to define your lip line. This formula nails precision without feathering. The color will last hours (and hours!). For example, I was working on set in Charleston, SC in 98% humidity and my lips looked perfect all day. Nothing made by man survives in 98% humidity. That level of wet hotness is the work of the devil. No makeup should survive that. But Lip Lure licked the humidity (I had to. Sorry!).

There are five colors in total:

Fiery - a bright red
Belle - a wearable orange
Mystic- a sexy bordeaux
Fancy - a berry-based purple
Graceful - a nude that teeters on bronze

Lip Lure gives your lips a glossy, defined, long wearing look that can't be easily achieved with most other products. There is no messy movement, no feathering and more color than you would imagine.

These lippies rule. And they would be gorgeous for shine and staying power on your wedding day*. What was your lip color choice for your wedding day? Would you change it now if you could?

Me, on set in Charleston, after several hours of wear. It's amazing. 

I'm pretty confident that you'll love these. Try 'em out for $22 each.

*I'm just saying, future Ms. Wormalita. These are calling your name.  Graceful is your color.

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