Makeup Revolution Has Landed At Ulta

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Makeup Revolution has landed at Ulta. Here are five reasons you need to stop what you're doing and join the revolution.

1. The quality is higher and the price lower than what you'd expect. The most expensive item Ulta currently carries is $15.
2. The blush palettes are amazing.
3. The Contour and Conceal palette is perfect to cover light to medium skin issues with a gloriously water-like texture and feel.
4. The shadow palettes will blow your mind.
5. The highlighters are gorgeous and very long-wearing.

Ulta Cover and Conceal Palette

I've been a fan of Makeup Revolution since discovering them earlier this year. The best part of them finally landing on our shores? No more waiting more than a week for shipping from across the pond!
The Mermaids Forever Palette is a must-have palette that covers the spectrum.
I'm in love with the Mermaids Forever palette. And I'm a little shocked myself, but I really love how the pinks came together. There are no princess colors here. Ok, the one is a little princessy, but the others are all kings.


Makeup Revolution powders are a little different than other shadows and blushes really popular on shelves today. Instead of being buttery soft, these slightly harder powders have punch. Each one is packed with pigment, easily applied and wears as long or longer than many higher priced powders. So what's different?

Vivid Baked Highlighters look as pretty on the skin as they do in the pan. 
The shadows and blushes are not super soft, easily breakable or likely to crumble in the pan. Most shadows right now are just a different texture. These are finely milled and blend like a boss. But they aren't super soft. They are, however, super worth it. The creams are light and feel like water, not at all thick, chalky or hard to blend.

Ulta Cover and Conceal Palette
Grab everything Makeup Revolution at Ulta online and (fingers crossed) in a store near you. What's your favorite piece from Makeup Revolution?

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  1. Would you say these are comparable to the Makeup Geek products?

    1. Yes! Makeup Geek, MAC (traditional shadows), NYX. They are fantastic!

  2. I'd love to try the products. Just waiting for them to hit shelves here. I'm really interested in that concealer palette.


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