How To Airbrush Like A Boss, Even If You've Never Held A Gun.

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Who doesn't want to look "airbrushed"? Brushes, foundations and powders all promise an airbrush finish without the airbrush. But why not just try an actual airbrush? It's so much easier than you think. It can be faster than using traditional foundation. It delivers a flawless finish that lasts until you wash it off. Looking airbrushed has never been easier.

Here's what you need to know to get started.

Pick a simple unit, like the Luminess Air. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up, once you've gotten the box open. And the Luminess Air is available in adorable colors that will compliment your vanity in ways you never considered.

Don't let the directions scare you! It's so easy!

There are basically three parts:

The compressor - This is the part that looks like a box that forces the air (and makeup) out of the gun.
The hose - This long black "cord" is the hose that forces the air from the compressor into the gun.
The gun - This is the actual airbrush that you'll hold. It has a trigger that you'll barely depress to apply the makeup.

Connect all three and you're ready to go!

The Luminess Air Basic Kit gives you everything you need to get started. A primer, a foundation, a brightener and a blush. Plus, it comes with the airbrushing unit itself. It's a good deal for an entry-level airbrush system. It's easy to use. You can't screw it up!

To get started airbrushing your face, drop 4-6 drops of the primer into the well (that's the bucket on the gun). Turn on the unit. Hold the gun about 6 inches away from your face. Gently pull back the trigger back and spray your face, using gentle circles.

Easy, right?

Look Ma, I'm acting!

I think applying airbrush makeup is easiest if you do it by feel, not by sight (if you are applying it to yourself, obvs!). So keep your eyes closed and just make sure you feel a tiny bit of spray hitting your face, from the top of your hairline, to the top of your neck.

Next up, it's time for the foundation. You'll use less product as you get better. When you're just starting, don't worry about it. Place 6-8 drops of your airbrush foundation in the well. Hold the gun about 6 inches away from your face. Gently pull the trigger back and airbrush your face, using small circles.

For the most beautiful finish ever, add 3-6 drops of the brightener into the well. Gently spray the brightener in a heart shape around your eyes.  This will make your eyes and cheeks glow!

Finally, add 2 drops of blush to the well. Holding the gun 6-8 inches away from your face, apply the blush. This only takes about 1 second per cheek, or you'll look like a clown.

So. Easy.

And here is where it could go really, really wrong. 

Don't hold the brush too close to the face.

Don't ever stop moving the brush when applying the foundation. The foundation will build up ever so slightly and it's very hard to detect as it goes on. Be sure to step back and look at the coverage before you apply more foundation.

Don't touch your face to try to fix coverage that is uneven. If it's a hot mess, use a wet wipe and start again.

Don't add concealer on top of the airbrushed foundation. If you must, conceal and airbrush over it. Never the other way around.

Don't try to conceal your under eye circles by spraying the gun really closely to your eyes. That's not how any of this works.

Got it? Good!

Here's how to clean your Luminess Air Airbrush:

To finish your flawless face, you've got to clean it. It takes all of 10 seconds, so settle down and clean it now, before it gets gross.

Get a paper towel.
Turn on the compressor.
Fill the well half way with plain water.
Place your finger, covered with a paper towel, over the end of the gun, stopping all airflow.
The water will bubble in the well. After a few seconds, spray the water out of the gun onto the towel.
Add more water to the well and repeat until it sprays clean.

That's it! After you've practiced a few times, you can do your entire face in less than 2 minutes.

The Luminess Air Starter Kit is a fantastic option if you want to dip your toes into the realm of airbrushing. The starter kit comes with everything you'll need, it looks adorable and you can't beat the price. Plus the foundation looks amazing. What more can you ask for?

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