It Goes Without Saying: Waxing Those Little Peach Fuzz Hairs

Welcome to a new series on Gouldylox: It Goes Without Saying.

In the beauty world, everything changes constantly (this fall the it color is burgundy!) and, sometimes, the basics get left behind. I get a lot of questions about those very basics and instead of answering them personally, I'm going to share them with the world. After all, you can't be the only one wondering about that, can you?

So today's questions comes from an unnamed reader I've known forever. She asks this,

"Like me, I imagine your facial hair is very fair/faint--what do you do about all the little white/blonde/faint hairs surrounding your eye brows?? I feel like when I watch youtube makeup tutorials, the faces have NO facial hair other than the hair on their brows. I don't want to wax my brows per se, but I want to get rid of all the little tiny fine baby hairs that are surrounding my brows - is it possible to get rid of these??"

My entire face is covered in those annoying little hairs. I hate how it makes eye shadow not sit flush against the skin, I hate how blush and highlighter look through a field of fuzz and I really hate how hard it is to shape your brows when you're fuzzy. I imagine it's got to be like cutting a crop circle without an aerial view. Unless someone carved it out first, you can't free hand it. It would be a huge mess.

Kandee Johnson chases people with a brow razor (it's a seriously advanced move. Don't start there.). I sit in my car and pluck them when I'm stuck in traffic. (I also shave my face.) But if your brow color is light you still need to have your brows shaped. It makes them so much easier to fill in and help them define your face. Once you've got the shape, filling them in is actually as easy as it looks on those YouTube videos.

But does it hurt? I'm not going to lie to you. It hurts a little. So do a lot of things. If you can wear high heels, you can get your brows waxed. It's no where near as painful as you think it's going to be. Personally, I find threading to be more in line with what you think waxing will feel like. But if threading is your thing, have at it.

You'll be shocked at how different you look once you clean up your brows. Even if no one else notices, you'll know that that what once bothered you no longer grows there. At least not this second.

And if that makes you feel more confident, then make it part of your regular routine. Don't worry about going to a salon and feeling the need to say, "I know I barely have brows, but can you help?" Your brows are your brows and if they need to be gently shaped or seriously weed-wacked, a good esthetician will shape them up, make you feel happy about it and give you more confidence. If they say anything to the contrary, BYE FELICIA.

If you're ready to fill them in like a boss, try the new Hourglass Arch Brow Styling Pencil. It combines the ease of a powder, the sharpness of a pencil and the staying power of a pomade in one easy to use pencil that comes in 9 shades. It's nearly impossible to do it wrong with this pencil.

This specially shaped tip makes everything so, so easy. 

There is no shame in asking me anything. Just last night I figured out how to blow dry my hair like a pro. Hint--you need some forearm strength and a third arm. Maybe we'll discuss that next time.

Got a question? Shoot me an email! Nothing is too basic. Ask me!

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