Makeup Wars: Wedding Guest Ideas

Am I the only one who has a million weddings to go to this year? One of my favorite cousins is getting hitched and I can't wait to celebrate with her! (And I really can't wait to see what fashion ideas are up her sleeve! She's quite the fashionista and have no clue what to expect. The last time I checked in with her, there wasn't even a wedding dress. She actually has a designer doing something for her, lucky gal!) Needless to say, I have no idea what to wear. I also don't know what to wear to my other cousin's wedding (not pictured); a country club wedding (cocktail attire) at 4pm in Massachusetts that might also have a beach theme. Thoughts? I'm open to your suggestions.

Weddings are a great time to try out looks you can't get away with every day at work and, since you get to wear fancy clothes at weddings, the makeup and hair needs to be special. And like Wormy's list of music for the reception, I have a better idea of what I don't like than what I would prefer. That said, wear whatever makes you happy. But because I can't decide on what to wear to the wedding, here are the things I know I will avoid.

Gouldylox List of Wedding Guest Style Don'ts:

1. No tacky strobing, especially at outdoor weddings. Leave the high shine for the clubs. Think pretty, respectful and about tonality, not high shine. Unless it's a party that is also a wedding. Or you're strobing with matte.

2.  Don't try all of your bag of tricks at once. Pick a fierce lip or a strong liner and have fun! But don't wear it all at once.

3. It's the bride's day, so if you know what her signature look will be (like a bright red lip), let that be her thing. Especially if you are going to be in family photos together. If you are not related to the bride and just attending, by all means, wear whatever strikes your fancy.

4. Know your crowd. If you are attending a very religious wedding or know their parents are super conservative, try to be a little respectful. I'm not suggesting you hide any part of who you are. I'm merely suggesting that you pick your look to fit the event.

5. No tight, spiral curls framing the face, please. It's a little outdated. Instead, opt for bent waves and loose styles. Those tight spirals make my head explode. I know you can do a little better! (Unless you are addicted to those ringlets. Then by all means...)

Hoping some of my other warrior colleagues have actual ideas? Me too! Check them out in the tiles below!

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  1. Great tips Kelly!!! Ya strobing at an outdoor summer wedding...egads!


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