Makeup Wars: Favorite Summer Fragrances

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I like floral, clean scents that aren't overpowering. They can't be cloying or too sweet, but a hint of sweetness is a plus. I also love to layer everything in the summer over Bobbi Brown's Beach. It makes for a perfect scent that envelopes you in a tropical vacation, even when you're just passing time in your cubicle.

Beach by Bobbi Brown: This perennial favorite smells like the beach (obvs). It's captured the best part of being on the beach, without the drunken brahs yelling about tonight's plans.

Rosie Jane by Leila Lou : This is my everyday scent and it smells like jasmine, fresh cut grass and pear. It reminds me of the part of the weekend, where your chores are finished and you get to relax for ten minutes before someone needs to you tell them how to use a phone book. (Do people ask you to do weird things, too? It happens to me every day and shatters the tranquil illusion I had going on in my head.)

Kai: This is my favorite fragrance, the perfect blend of exotic white flowers. It has the most beautiful musky undertones while somehow remaining totally light and beautiful. I imagine that this smells like being a gorgeous, white, flowy dress on a beach at sunset in Hawaii.

Want more ideas for summer fragrances? Click the tiles below for more options from the Makeup Wars Warriors!

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  1. I can't believe I still haven't tried Bobbi Brown Beach. I've heard such great things.


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