Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Matifying Foundation

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Make Up For Ever nails foundations, don't they? My friend Melody at can't stop raving about their new HD formula on Facebook. But since my Sephora didn't have the new formula yet, I opted to try the Mat Velvet + Matifying. I am not your typical candidate for this foundation, so let's get that out of the way, right now. I have very dry skin. This foundation is meant for people with oilier skin.

Doesn't matter. This foundation is gorgeous.

Mat Velvet gives oily skin a full coverage, natural look. Or apply less and see more skin--it's up to you. This foundation gives the skin a totally natural look, with no gleam or radiance, just beautiful skin that lasts and lasts. Even my blush lasted the entire day with this foundation, which is saying the impossible.

I honestly had no idea that this foundation was meant for people with oily skin. I didn't know that until I did a little research. I tried it in the store, loved it and bought it. It doesn't make my skin dry. In fact, I've actually noticed my skin has been a tiny bit more oily that usual. So maybe this foundation is actually good at balancing the skin? Is that possible?

I'm digging the long wear time, the flawless coverage and the velvety matte finish. The key word here is velvety. It's not a dry matte. It's truly more like a velvet. Lush, pretty, supple perfection, but still natural. Yup. That describes it.

Grab it wherever Make Up For Ever is sold for $38.

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