Lipstick League: Long, Black & Washable

Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara gives you long, strong, dark lashes. 

Question of the Week: Three Mascara questions! Black or brown? Volumizing or lengthening? Waterproof or washable? Finally! An easy question!! Black. Hands down, all black, all the time. I want my lashes to stand out! I also want long, strong lashes. Sure, volume is great, but length is what I need. Finally, washable is the only way to go. Waterproof formulas are strange on my eyes. They never act like the original formulation (because it isn't!). What about you?

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  (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

  Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by My Newest Addiction - The first YouTuber that Laura ever watched was Lollipop26 (you may remember her) but she quit blogging and uploading to YT for a while. A couple years ago she came back and has reinvented herself on Buy Now Blog Later!

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